Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inspiration Workshop..Bathrooms!

Morning Lovelys! <3

Its Thursday and I am finally back from my trip! I am going to do 2 post today! The one above this one is a small recap of my trip! Well, the wedding week part! Pictures and all will come soon!

But this post is for Inspiration Workshop! I have missed out the last few times so I am all in this week!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

This weeks Theme is : BATHROOMS

I am very much a vintage girl! But when I saw this picture below I just HAD to throw it in! I LOVE all the color of the shelves! The toilet is a tad weird..but oh well :)

I have a bath tub just like this in my bathroom! I totally love it!

Ahhh....try love everything in this one! The pinks, the mirror, and on and on!

And I have always loved the vanity's and such in bathrooms, and this one is just amazing! I want one :)

This one looks very challenging to paint! But I love the set up, color, and all!

If Y'all dont allready link up, use the botton above and get going! Its amazingly fun!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Im Home!

Good Morning Lovelys!

I am finally home in Oklahoma! These last few weeks have been CRAZY for me! And this past week I was major busy with my sisters wedding!

The wedding turned out so well! I have been in weddings before, but have never been Maid of Honor (MOH) and I was/am wooped from it! But..I would not trade it for the world!

I have allot of pictures from the trip! Wedding, plus the vacation part, but I dont have them ready yet! So, I will give you a few wedding pictures from my phone to hold Y'all over!

Wedding morning at Belle Salon, this was the finished product on my hair!
Friday night..last night as Miss.Kelsey Gilkinson!
Right before rehearsal! She had a Bride To Be pin on and I stole Ryan's Groom To Be pin! LOL!
The bows we made that hung on the end of the isles!
Wednesday morning, making the favor boxes and TONS of choc. covered pretzels!

Well, Thats all for now! Keep your eyes open for more coming soon! :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pintest: Guest Blogger Becky@TheGoodLife

[ Lovelys: Hope you enjoy this blog post from Becky! I did a post on this a few weeks back! Crazy busy today! My sister is getting married today! Cant wait to share all my pictures with y'all! Joanna Noel]

Tomorrow I'm going to share some of my favorite vacation pictures with you, but today I want to tell you about my newest and biggest obsession--Pinterest! Have you joined up? If you need an invitation, just leave me a comment with your email address and I will be sure to send you one out asap! Want to know what Pinterest is? It's a website where you add pictures of anything you like--quotes, home decor, food, babies, pets, nature, and the list goes on! You can then browse the boards others have put together and "pin" the pictures or boards you think are interesting! I love love love playing on there--I can easily spend several hours browsing through the site! Right now my focus is home decor, as you can tell by some of the pictures I have below! Happy pinning!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wedding Fun: Guest Blogger Becky@TheGoodLife

[ Another amazing Post by Becky! I am so gratefull for the help she has given me! Today I am decorating the church and heading to the rehearsal! My sister gets married tomorrow! Joanna Noel]
Our Story and Wedding Pictures

Rob and I started dating in December of 2009. Immediately we knew this would be it for us! We started spending all of our free time together--staying up late talking, and honestly, planning out our lives together. I travel quite a bit for work and the first few months were the toughest on us. I was out of town for about 10 days for a work conference. Rob realized then he wanted to be with me and bought an engagement ring the next week!

Rob didn't propose until a few months later when we were at the beach with his family. We had some big trips coming up later the summer (which I will post about later this week!) and I assumed he would be proposing then! So, imagine my surprise when he gets down on one knee during a walk on the beach one evening. The setting was completely perfect--and I could not have been more thrilled to agree to marry this wonderful man!

I love a million things about Rob, but one of the things I love the very, very most is the way he looks at me! His eyes and his smile completely change when he is looking my way and that is something I know I will always, always treasure.

I threw this picture in for a laugh! You never imagine you'll spend your wedding day with a bridesmaid constantly readjusting your slips! So much laughter happened every time I had to ask someone to adjust one of the four slips I was wearing! :)

Are you married? Planning a wedding? Just have some fun pictures picked out? Feel free to share them in the comments--I'd love to hear your stories and see your pictures! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wedding Fun: Guest Blogger Aubrey @ High-Heeled Love

Hi lovelies,

This is Aubrey from High-Heeled Love. As you know, Joanna is away this week because her sister is getting married. When I asked what she'd like me to share in my guest post, she suggested something wedding related. Who doesn't love weddings?

And in the spirit of my blog name, I thought it would be fun to share all my current wedding shoes. Who doesn't love shoes? (Okay, maybe it's just because I have a bit of a shoe obsession.)

All images via weheartit
Wedding or not, I'd love for all these pretty babies to come live in my closet. And since I can't resist sharing my wedding shoes with you, here are the lovelies I wore on my big day.
Chi Photography

Thanks for stopping by everyone. If you've enjoyed it, pay my blog a little visit and say hi!

Guest Blogger Becky@TheGoodLife

[ Hi Lovelys! The next few days will be guest blog post from Becky! I am in PA for my sisters wedding and crazy busy! Today we are decorating the reception hall! Please leave Becky some love here in the comments and on her blog! Joanna Noel]

I am so excited to be doing some guest blogs this week for Joanna! Joanna and I "met" through a summer gift swap! I shared with Joanna about a few of my favorites and explained I was going to be spending the summer on staff at youth camps. Joanna grew up going to summer camps and knew exactly what to hook me up with to make my summer fun and fabulous!

For my first day of guest blogging, I just want to introduce myself and my blog! Later on this week we'll get into some wedding posts, posts about pets, and my favorite vacations! :)

So--here goes! I am a newlywed! My super handsome and sweet husband and I were married March 19th of this year. Our wedding was absolutely a dream come true--absolutely because I was marrying the man of my dreams! Isn't he so handsome?

I am so excited to be guest posting for Joanna--and I'm so happy she was able to guest post for me! Blogging best friends, right? :) I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you better this week! See you tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Guest Blogger Angie @ My So-Called Chaos

{ Hi Lovelys! I have an amazing blogger guest blogging for me today! I love Angie..she is a blast! Busy today with wedding stuff! Enjoy and go leave Angie some love! Joanna Noel}

Hi everyone! My name is Angie, from My So-Called Chaos & Health NOT to NUT, and when Joanna invited me to do a guest post, how could I say no? Especially when she wrote such a lovely one for me a while back.

First, I guess I should introduce myself. I am 25, single and currently, I live in a 2 bedroom apartment with my amazing roommate, awesome neighbors, and some animal babies. I live my life in the open, and I love fiercely and with everything I have. I am a peace and love kind of girl, a hippie at heart, and I recentlybought myself a pretty hula hoop and am trying to learn how to do it. I also just started the Health NOT to Health NUT blog in order to help keep me inspired and help others be continually inspired on their paths towards reaching their health goals.

Ways to Make This Year (and any year) The Best Ever!

Fall in love all over again.
With every friend, stranger, blade of grass, face, memory etc. Fall in love for the first time with that special someone, or fall in love again with your lifelong partner. Feel the rush, and love love love!

Smile every time you walk by someone.
Whether it's your best friend, a stranger, or your worst enemy. Smiling will brighten someone's day, and make you feel infinitely better. If someone doesn't have a smile, lend them yours.

Chase those dreams you've been putting off.
Go back to school, write that novel, apply to your dream job, travel the world, etc. No more sitting there saying "I wish I could do this" get out there and make it happen! You'll never know until you try.

Take a Vacation.
We work so hard all the time, that sometimes we forget to treat ourselves or stop and relax for a bit. Don't you think it's time you got to rest and/or see someplace new? Go somewhere and get away, it really will make all the difference.

Document your world.
Take pictures, keep a journal, write in your blog, etc. You have no idea how important these things will be to you someday, and how the flood of memories and emotion can come right back when reviewing.

Take up a new hobby.
Expand your horizons and learn something new. You never know how much you'll love it, and who doesn't enjoy having an entire repartois of skills under their belt.

Take a nap now and again.
Let's face it, sometimes you really just need an hour or two to nap during the day and recharge your batteries. What's better than a Sunday afternoon nap with the warm sun coming in through the window?

Read every chance you get.
We get so caught up in the day to day,we forget to loser ourselves in a great story. Pick up a book, a magazine, your favorite blogs and read away. You'll be taken so many new and far off places it's like a mini-vacation!

Surround yourself with good people.
The more positive and loving people around you, the more positive and loving your life will be-it's as simple as that. Surround yourself with people who inspire and encourage you to be the person you've always want to be. You can't go wrong with good friends.

Treat yourself.
Don't go overboard, but do remember that you deserve a little treat every now and again. Whether it's a cupcake after a long week of eating really well and working out, or a new pair of shoes after a stressful week. You deserve it!

Elminate the drama.
We all know we don't need it, it's better left to your favorite TV series than your life. Cutting out the people and things that fill your life with stress will make you feel so much more free.

Not only will it help you get in better shape, but it will make you feel healthier and more energized. It's good all around to be active, and even better when you can find an exercise or activity that you like doing!

Let go of the past.
It's time to move forward, and holding on to past wrongdoings, guilt or pain only holds you back from being happy. Let it go, and free yourself to reach for the future and live and love for today!

It has been so awesome sharing with you today, and I hope it inspired you to go out and have the best year ever! Please feel free to stop by and say hello to me, I try to always respond and/or come by and visit you as well! Also, if you are on the path to getting healthy, join me at Health NOT to Health NUT and with each others support we can do this!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Good Morning Lovelys!

First things first! I am guest posting for Becky over at The Good Life today! Stop on over and leave me some love in the comments :)

I am getting ready to get on the road this evening! So ready to be on vacation!

The pictures below will get you going on what ive been doing!

On a side note, This young man is amazing! I did a post on him HERE.
Well, I have been listening to his stuff allot and his next album comes out in July! I am super excited!
This is his new album cover!


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