Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Inspire Others!

I know we should not live our lives just so that others will notice us...but what if, just a small what if, if every one of use would take the above picture and run with it? How crazy would that be?
I know here in the blog world, or in are reals lives, each of us come in contact with allot of people! According to my blog readings, my blog touches allot of lives, all around the world! Ok, maybe they all don't read that much, but who knows who read my (or your) blog! You may be touching THOUSANDS....You have no clue!
So, maybe your story is crazy hard, maybe you are battling health, a death, or something big like that! Or maybe your story is small, and you are just living your life, but lets think if this, maybe that big story, or just living that life, is enough to change just ONE persons life...is that good enough for you?
I know of many very inspiring blog ladies out there, many who have touched my heart so much in my last 5 years of blogging, and some of them may never know that, but they did! Are you willing to touch someone's life?

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In other news, I think its time for a light hearted post here on this old blog! This week I promise!! :)


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Happyness!

This Labor Day weekend myself and my family spent it in Lufkin Texas!!

Spent the weekend with this guy! (yes he did this picture below on his own!)

My family and I got to spend time with Andrew and his family! It was so nice to meet all of them!

We spent all day Saturday at his grandparents place ( he lives on the property) and ate lunch and played games! It was awsome to just get to know each other and just have fun! 

We went out a played Mini Golf on Saturday night with my parents, Andrew's Mom and Sister Anna, her boyfriend James and my sister Jerusha! We had allot of fun!
Sunday I went to his church! The people there are amazing! I got so many hugs and so many people excited to finally meet me! It was so neat to see just how much everyone there loves Andrew and really things he is a great guy! I allready knew this, but it was neat to see others confirm that! :)

After Church we had lunch with my family at Applebee's! We than went and spent time at his Grandparents again wile my parents took a nap! Around 6:30 we left and went out on a date! We ate at Olive Garden and than got dessert at Orangeleaf! I am addicted!! Andrew drove me around Lufkin and I got to see the more older side of town! The not so busting part! I loved it! Next time im down there thats the next date!

I hated leaving Monday morning...When Andrew shut the van door for me I started crying! I was happy to go home and work and stuff again..But when your leaving somoene special in Texas its hard! Anyone else relate?? 

Today, as I type this, I am living in the moment as I said in my last post! I am enjoying life, my boyfriend, my family, and the new people God has blessed me with in my life!


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