Friday, February 26, 2010

Show Us Your Life fun!

So Im joining in on all the fun over at Kelly's today!

It is Show Us Your Life....Collections!

I collect Spoons!

I started about 4 years ago and I really enjoy it! I am one of those that I have to be in that area to get one! I have one from England that a friend picked up for me..never been there..but thats ok!

Spoons are a blast to collect..and there not expenceive!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My favorite of them!

Last night I went to my friend Jon's house and we watched one of my all time favorite movies!

Yes...Step Up! I totally love this movie...and mostly because of this guy!

Yes I am a big Channing Tatum fan..and I now allot of people are upset with him because of this new movie he is making about his life! My oppinion of it..well..its kinda mixed! I am proud of him that he is coming out and telling his story! He has allot of things in his background that if I were him I would not want the hole world to now! But at the same time..I dont really agree with everything in the movie...It is not out yet..but I know some things about it...and I think some things dont need to be done..I'll just keep it at that!

Ok folks...I am gonna do something..I want a topic to blog about ...and I want you to give it to me! It can be anything..a movie..and actor...a color...WHATEVER!!! This should be fun! Hope allot of people leave there comment!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wishfull Wensday..Novel/ Yes I am alive!

I totally LOVE Wishfull Wensdays! They make my week! For real!
" I wish...I could play a roll of a character in a book and it would be ...... Claire Prescott from Mr.Darcy Broke My Heart!

I really love this book! I just picked it up in Tupelo a month ago and its allready at the top of my list!

This is not one of your usual Romance stories, no..Clair is happy and not looking to change men..and then..BAM.. trying to get her sister out she find herself matched in school with a very much "Mr.Darcy" and she cant stand him!
I laughed and felt so much in her shoe's when I read this story! Yes, there were the times I cryed with her..but she..she is very much close to my kindred spirit!
If you have not read this book, you really need to!
Its a Jane Austin with a modern twist...and who does not want to be a "Jane Austin Girl"!

.......... ................ .................. ................. .................. ...................... ..............

For those of you who fallow my blog...I AM SO VERY SORRY I HAVE NOT BEEN ON HERE IN SO LONG!
There are some family issue we are dealing with..and right now I am just keeping my head above water..It does feel good to get back with my blogging family! Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers...they are much needed! since I have not been on in FOREVER.. let me tell you what has been my obsession the last few weeks ( besides all this family crap!)
These boys make me so proud! I have watched every single race..and I jump up and down and scream for them!

I am also a big fan of this guy! He is "Da Bomb"! wait im not done yet....the one thing..that has been keeping me swimming in all the stuff with the family is the thought of this:

And im going to the Tupelo one in March! Ya...Im gonna start a count down for it tomorrow!

Ok..time for me to shut up! Thanks for reading peoples!

Monday, February 8, 2010

I am doing my first GIVEAWAY!!

So some of you may or may not now..but I have been a selling Pampered Chef since August of 2008! I just got back from a Spring Launch meeting in Memphis TN, for Pampered Chef and I got to see all are NEW SPRING PRODUCTS for this year! And boy am I excited about them! So I want to give one away...but...there not out till March..and I really wanted to do a giveaway came up with an idea! :)
I will draw 5 names and those 5 people will win a Seasons Best Recipie Cookbook(the edition that you will no longer be able to get after March first!)
Than, the first week of March..out of those 5 people I will draw one winner for A NEW Loaf Pan! ( I will give you a description on it since I do not have a photo that I can use at this point since it is not for sale yet!)
Loaf Pan: Heavy-gauge aluminized steel gives you professional-quality performance and results, whether you're baking quick or yeast bread, pound cake or meatloaf! 9 1/4 x 5 1/4 x 2 3/4 ( comes with a 3 year warranty) here is how it will work:

Become a follower (or already are one) = 1 entry
Tell me your favorite Pampered Chef Item = 1 entry
Have someone tell me they found the giveaway through your site = 2 entry's
Blog about the giveaway = 3 entry's
Place an order on my web site = 6 entry's

Go To My Website this started today and end Feb 14th...Valentines day! :)

oh..a side note...Are guest special in the Pampered Chef this month is 20% off unlimited unglazed stoneware! So dont miss out on this great deal ether!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day in the life!

I am tired today..I am not totally sure why...sitting here at my desk at work..and I want to fall asleep! I WANT A NAP! I will be in Memphis tomorrow afernoon through thursday! I am so excited...I am going up for a Pampered Chef conference! It should be fun! I cant wait to learn more to help me more in my Pampered Chef Buiness! Oh..allso..I am sending out my Feb monthly Pampered Chef Newsletter Via e-mail and it has a yummy recipie in it! So if anyone wants to get it..just leave me your e-mail address!

Friday and group of friends and myself are going to see Dear John in theaturs! I cant wait! I love Nickolas Sparks books, plus I am a major Channing Tatum fan! Ill let y'all now how much I love it

Who is your fav actor?

Monday, February 1, 2010

I am very happy!

Today is gonna be an ok day! I can feel it in my bones...than again..I may come back tomorrow and tell y'all it was really bad! lol!

So I am so excited...I have entered so many giveaways here in the blogging world....and as you now...there are allot of people who enter them so your chances of winning are slim! Well yesterday I found out I won one! YA! I am going to be getting an amazing necklass in the mail soon! I will take pictures of it on me when I get it!

well..I must get off for calls..ill come back in a few hours!

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