Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Monday!!

Its Mingle Monday time!!

Mingle 240

As always, if your over from Mingle Monday..WELCOME! Please feel free to leave a comment or even follow! I will follow back!

My little sister sent me this picture of her on Saturday!

I have been gone for almost 4 months and she has grown up so much! I cannot believe she is 14 and a freshman in high school! She is drop dead gorgeous! 

My niece is having her first fall!
My sister sent me pictures of her all bundled up!

And this is her costume! They went to ZooBoo at the Erie zoo last weekend!!

I'll close for now!  Enjoy all the cuteness in this post!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend fun!!!

As promies here are some pictures from my weekend :)

It started out with a Pumpkin Spice Latta from Starbucks!!!

Look at all the bags I came home with!  Ok, lets break them all down!!

First stop was Old Navy! I got a cardigan online and it was too big so I returned that first! They were having there stuff and save event for card holders, So I got 30% off my order and the cool bag!! I love the sweater and I got a cardigan that fits me!

Than on to Victoria's Secret! Since this is a public blog I'll just show you the bag :)

next was Aero! I dont always find things there, sorry they are more for skinny girls! But I do love there polo's and they were having a 2 for $18 sale! So I was happy!!!

And Hobby Lobby was good too! I am gonna work on Christmas Cards here soon! If you want one email me and give me your address!!

And than a day in Jackson is not done without GiGi's! :)
This one is Strawberry Champagne!

And the other one is Irish Cream!!

And than to end my awsome day I went and got a pedicure!!

On another note, I see all these blogs doing reviews and all, So I decided to start getting my blog so that I can do them too! So I'll start reviewing stuff that I like!  Also if anyone has a shop or whatever and you would like me to do a review let me now!

Also, any tips on getting my blog up there for reviews???


Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Confessional!!

Its Friday Y'all!!

I have not been doing allot of link ups lately so I want to get back into them!
And today is........


I CONFESS...... Living in a very big double wide trailer by myself is nice, but at the same time I really dont like it! Im not a fan of being alone.

I CONFESS.... I really enjoy doing stuff with the horses...but my allergies are going CRAZY now!!

I CONFESS...Found this on Facebook this morning and it made me smile!

I CONFESS.... I am VERY excited to go shopping in Jackson this Saturday ( tomorrow ) Going to shop at Hobby Lobby, Old Navy, Gap, Victories Secret, Aero, and get me some Starbucks! I'll do a blog post for Y'all on what I got!

I CONFESS..... I am a bad blogger!! I AM GETTING THERE I PROMISE!!!

I CONFESS.... No matter were we all stand in these elections..I think this is true:


Monday, October 15, 2012

I CANNOT believe I did that!!!


Happy Monday!

Since I am trying to get back into Blogging full swing I am linking up Today!

Mingle 240

If your over from Mingle Monday..WELCOME!
I have been a very bad blogger the last 3 months, as my followers now and as you would see if you looked down my post!
Let me tell you a little about me if your new!

I am Joanna Noel! I will be 24 in December! I was born in raised in the North but now live in the South! I lived in the OKC area up until 3 months ago!
I now live in West, MS working for a Baptist Girls Home called Lighthouse Childrens Home! I am a dorm parent 2 nights a week, cook meals, and teach school! I keep VERY busy!

I LOVE comments and LOVE new followers! You follow me and I will follow back!

Ok, now that you have gotten to now me, let me tell you just how blond I am! :)

Yesterday morning I changed my password for my Iphone, no big deal, until I went to open it again and COULD NOT REMEMBER THE PASSWORD!
So I have been online and have done EVERYTHING they tell you do to! I am trying to just wipe the phone and start again but my Itunes is being weird! Grrr....
The one bad thing about living in the country, I'm not near an Apple or a Verizon store!
Anyone have any other ideas for me?



Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Praying...No More Tears!

                                                                    Pray for Dante

I posted the link picture above some time ago. My blog has gone thru some remodels, has moved states with me, yet that button has still stayed. Why, because I support it!
 I pray for this dear baby boy all the time!

I just got an update from a bloggy friend telling me that Jesus is ready to take this sweet angel home. As this saddens my heart today it also makes me joyfull!
No more pain, no more tears, no more bumps, not mistakes. He is going to meet the most amazing person ever!
Please pray for his family as they go thru this! If you want updates I will try to keep them here but you can also click on the button for more! Would you take this button and share it with your friends?

-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -

It has been SUPER cold around here! I dont mind so much! I have always loved the cooler months! Bundling up and all!



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