Wednesday, March 31, 2010

{Long weekend = Happyness!}

We just got informed Monday at work that we have friday off! So that means we get a long weekend ( We get Saterday and Sunday off all the time!) I am so excited! I can relax, sleep in, be a bum, and the list goes on :) I love spring..and this post is pictures of Easter...and then friday or so ill do some more Easter once...about the REAL meaning of Easter!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Crazy Love

Its kinda hard for me to put this one here cause I dont want to be seen as a moocher but I feel that the Lord brought THIS BLOG into my life today to use it! So here it goes!

1. Do you and your family tithe?
Since I am single I would have to say, yes I tithe! Allot of times I dont just give to my church but I give to missions, dear friends in need, and who or whatever the Lord lays on my heart I am open to! It is not my money but the Lords!

2. What Church do you attend?
I attend the French Camp Presbyterian church here in French Camp! I am a member of my home church Calvary Baptist in Texas!

3. Are you involved in your church at all?
YES...I am the 10th grade girls sunday school class teach, plus, I help with nursery and I also play violin during service!

4. What exactly is your need?
I am working for a ministry called Sermon On The Mount ( ! I work as there receptionist and many other things. I work with my family. The only thing is we do not get paid by them. It is a missions support job, so I have to raise my income. At Christmas I sent out over 50 support letters to family and friends, I have only heard from my parents who support me monthy, and that is not even enough to cover my cell phone bill ( YET...The Lord has still been oh so faithfull!)
So after all need support as I am basically a missionary in the states!

5. How would the money be used?
It would be used to help me live! Cover my cell phone bill, car insurance, gas for my car, my clothing, bathroom products...ext.... I allso am looking at doing some more schooling if the Lord provides as well as I LOVE to bless others with what the Lord gives me!

If you are at all interested more in my ministry..feel you want to give, just want updates from me to pray, or any other info please e-mail me at

Thank you so much for taking time to read this, I pray the Lord will bless you amazingly!

Welcome New Friends!

I am going along with all the fun over at The Girl Creative and doing the New Friend Friday!
And since I am doing that...there may be several people who will be reading this blog for the very first time and dont now much about me! In fact, there may be allot of you who fallow me already and dont now much about me! So, today, I will tell! :)

First off my name is Joanna Noel ( thats my first and middle name just cause I love my middle name!) yes, I may be living in French Camp, Mississippi ( really little town in the middle of the deep south) but no, I was born and raised in Spring Creek PA ( really little town in the middle of the frozen north!) I do belive even though I was born Northern I was ment to be a southern girl ( I totally love everything about the south!)
I have 5 amazing siblings and I am oldest out of all of them! One lives in Washington, 2 live in PA and the other 2 live here with me and my parents!
I work at an amazing place called French Camp Academy! We are a christian bording school for underprivalged youth! I love to work with these kids and love them all so much! It is sad to hear and see some of there home backgrounds they come from. Some days I wonder how people could show so much un love to one person.
You will find ( if you stick around and learn more about me through my blog) that I LOVE my friends, my family, My Jesus, and my music! I talk allot about different bands and most recently the amazing Winter Jam 2010 I was able to go to!
I am a Christian and I very much let you now it in my post! I tell what the Lord is doing in my life and if you dont like that, I am very sorry, but I am called to reach out to all the corners of the earth! The Lord has done so much for me, this is the least I can do for Him!
I totally love meeting new blogger friends ( if you fallow me I will always come check your blog out and fallow you!) and totally love comments ( they make me feel happy!)
I will end for now.........but if you have more questions about ask :)


Thursday, March 25, 2010


So, Y'all are prolly thinking " Were has that darn girl gone?" Sorry all..I have been on a dry spell. Cant seem to find much to blog about! They call it...umm...writers block..thats it!

So...this post is gonna be really short! Like...this is all I can think of....can you all give me some ideas??? PLEASE!!!????

Friday, March 19, 2010

{Winter Jam 2010}

I went to Winter Jam 2010 in Tupelo last night! It was totally amazing! The Lord was so present in the building and touched my heart in so many ways!
Below are just a few pictures from the night! I am going to make something up with allot of pictures in it and post it on here later so you can see them all! So keep your eyes out for it!

Ok, you need to now a few things! My friend Jon and I left French Camp around noon and got to the Bankcorp South Arean at 1:30. We stood in line till the doors opened at 5:45! Yes, It was worth every minute! We had one of Jons sisters friend with us that is in a wheel chair so we really needed to get floor seats! Well, we got better than that! Floor seats, 6 rows back from the stage..or maybe 10, but it was really close as you will see in the pictures! Then the work crew saw the girl in the wheelchair and moved her right up next to the stage with 2 of the other girls in are group! Those girls are only 11 so I am so glad they were able to be that close and have so much fun! As for me and Jon..we were happy were we were, the stage had a runway type thing and it came down right next to us..and several of the bands came out on it! It was amazing!

The Newsboys! This group was amazing! Michael Tait was amazing!

North Tenth Avenu! They were awsome too!

Newsong! I had never heard them before..but boy were they awsome!

This is the lady from Fireflight ( not sure her name ) and Mac from Third Day!

Ok, this was my favorite picture of the hole night, and it has a story, so read on if you want!
This my an amazing 17 year old kid named Robert Pierre! Some of you have read some older post that I wrote on him, he is new to the singing world and this was his first tour ( so if you have no clue who he is..but want now you do..check out his web site ) and I found him on the Winter Jam 2010 Line up and looked him up..and I am now a MAJOR fan! Well...he sang for the pre-show, and than he sang when they did the offering..and after the show he was at his booth doing autographs and pictures and all! I got a poster signed and his new single cd. PLUS...the picture above!
We then moved on and got Autoghraphs from Mikeschair and got Newsboys to sign there new album for me. Jon wanted to get North Tenth Avenu so we headed over for Jon to stand in there line, we just happend to be back infront of Roberts booth again and he was packing up to get going..I felt this tug on my heart from the Lord to go over and thank him for his one song he sang years ago that I got the cd for and has blessed my heart this last month. I was freaking out! I was NOT going to go do it. But, once again the Lord won and I went over, I told him thank you for the song and all, he gets this big smile on his face, says " thank you so much, that was such an encourgment" holds out his hand and says " whats your name" " nice to meet you, im Robert!" I walked out last night with such a joy in my heart cause I obeyed the Lord! The Lord taught me something so big last night... How dare I let my fear get in the way of the Lord giving somone a blessing! If I would have not obeyed I would have deprived Robert of a blessing the Lord wanted to give him!

Ok..Im done for now...more pictures coming soon! I love your leave em!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Picture Says A Thousand Words!

I am gonna warn you all now...This is a long picture post! I had so many more I wanted to post..But I put them all on here..and than decided you all would get bored with me, So I Pulled all the Alice In Wonderland Pictures..and I'll just do a post on them another time! is the post of pix that I love...and I so want to be in these places!


These PINKS make me smile :)

Are these two pictures not just dreamy!???!!! I love this pix!

Be sure to stop in over at THIS GIVEAWAY to have a change to win some really amazing cute vintage stuff! If you enter..mention you found the giveaway through my blog! Thanks a bunch!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

And Once again..Its Monday!

I do belive that weekends go by so fast..and weekdays..well..they drag on to NO END!
My weekend was amazing! My little brother and sister have the week off ( Spring Break) and my dad got it off too! ( my mom got a little time of as well!) But has to work :( So they were all going to go on a family vacation...without me, But my mom got this amazing idea and we went over the weekend so I could go! We went up to Tupelo Ms! Stayed at a Hotel over the weekend! We went and toured the Aoutomoble mousum! ( I will have pictures soon!) and we went to a really cool flea market! I got a TON of new amazing earings! :)

Today is monday..Its back at the office and desk again. But beside sounding like its all gloom and doom..Its really not going to be to bad this week! Everyone except for 4 of us in on Spring Break, So it really quite....the biggest thing I have to do is get a project completed and all out in the mail! My Uncle just wrote a book called Life Lessions From A Horse Whisperer and is sending out a copy to everyone who is in the book..or has ever worked with him in his Sermon On The Mount Minsitry! So there area bout 200 or more copys! He is writing in each of them..puts a sticky note of the persons name on it..and hands it to I have to figure out his hand writing ( haha) and find there address! I am currently working of off 3 data bases that I have acess to and when I cant find them there I send an e-mail with the names on it to the Ranch and they find them on there data base! Then I most box them and mail them! The post lady is gonna get real sick of me this week :)
Thursday I was suppost to be going to Winter Jam in Tupelo but because everyone is on break, the girl who covers phones for me may be there is a 99.9 % chance I cant go :( Im trying to hold on to that 1% :) I'll let you all now Thursday morning if I get to go. Im praying the Lord opens the door for me!
Well..Enough blabbing! I want to now what YOU ALL want to hear about! It can be a topic, somthing in my life..whatever! Leave a comment :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fav.Charity...The Wade Center

I am joining in over at Kelly's for some fun this friday!

So This "Show Us Your Life" Is all about your favorite Charity!

Mine Is actually one I have not been to yet! I will be going down and helping out at the Wade Center July 3-10! I cant wait!

The Wade Center is located in Bluefield , West Virginia. The Wade center is now in an old Elementary school and they work with the underprivaleged youth out in Bluefield. They have Homework groups every afternoon from 3:30 to 8pm. They have a "BackPack program" that they supply students with meals and all the school supplies they need! They have a "summer Camp" every summer, wich i will be helping with in July!
Just this month they started a day care called " Dorthys Door"

I think this place is just so cool! Please go check out there web site..and if leed...maybe you could go up and donate some time to the Wade Center...I now I will! :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wishful Wednesday...Wedding Gown!

Its Wishful Wednesday! Ya!! Click on the button and join in the fun!

'I wish' .... I could wear a mix of these 3 dress's below on my wedding day!

Love the black idea on this one!

The ribbon on this and the top!

And the skirt on this one! Its to die for!

This is just a cool little mix I found! I always thought the yellow and red color theme was cool!

If your new to my blog from the Wishful Wednesday links...WELCOME! Feel free to ask questions about me..and to become a follower! I always love making new blogger friends! <3

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

{Its an ETSY post!}

These just make me think....OCEAN!! cute is that???!?!!!!?

Ahhh...I love this one! Cant wait to start the gardens at the house!

This one is just..well..different..and I love that :)

Love this old thing! I have a few myself!

love Love LOVE this hat :)

This old jewelry is amazing! I have some from my grandma!

No..I am not a pearl girl..but..these...sigh..amazing!

So I am going to start a Tuesday Etsy post every week! Maybe ill get organized enough one of these weeks and I could start a button for it and get people to link up to it! We shall see!
Tell me what ya think..and if ya think I am crazy..that's cool too! :)

UPDATE!!!!!!.......Ok..I am going to do it! Were gonna call it Etsy Saturday! Ill put something up Thursday to tell you more about it! But start looking for some cool pictures from

Like Starbucks??? Then Check Out this amazing giveaway!


One of my blogger friends Neely is doing a Giveaway and she is giving a TON of Starbucks!
So here is the deal! You need to get over there by Sunday cause thats when the giveaway you sure to mention that you found the giveaway from my blog ( helps me out some)
Click HERE to go directly to the giveaway!

I am going to end this one for now..and I'll blog another post a little later :)

Friday, March 5, 2010


I am SOOOOOOOO happy its friday! I am ready to actually have a weekend! As most of you now, last weekend I was sick! I am heading to Jackson with my friend Sarah at 6am tomorrow! Were picking her sister up at the air port at 10:30 so we are going early, gonna eat Ihop and shop! Well..Im gonna look..but its still fun!
So I was doing some babysitting this morning and we watched Winni The Pooh! Brought me back to old days in my life :)
I like all the characters but I have some favorites......

I have allways been called a Tigger! I bounce allot! LOL!

And I have allways thought Piglet was just adorible! :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Today I am up at the office early because I really wanted to blog..but today is going to be a REALLY crazy day! We have are board coming down and were trying to get the office finished ( its been under construction) and since my job is cleaning, I am trying to clean up after the construction ( fun )! So I will be crazy busy!
Its one of those contemplative days for me..I have so many emotions pulling in so many directions. One, I am excited and happy! I have 21 fallowers now! And my post yesterday got 11 comments! Thats a record for me! I was getting down about blogging cause it seemed like no one out there was really interested and was I just typing to and emty hole that goes on forever and ever. And now I can see im not..makes me happy. On the other side, there is so many other emotions pulling me. Some days I feel so alone here. I dont have allot of friends, so I end up hanging out with Me,Myself,and I. And I really start to hate those people after awhile! :) I have some friends, but they seam to be getting busyer and busyer. Then it hits me every once in a while about being single. Dont get me wrong..Im happy with it right now! I now that is what God has for me at this point in time and when the timing is right He will bring the most amazing guy into my life, but some days, when you read about your friends ( and sister ) getting now! And last but not least,I have been really contemplating why I am here in French Camp and what is next for me! Dont get me wrong again, I love my job! I love working with these kids, I love answering phones for The Sermon On The Mount(SOTM) ministry( and I dont allways mind cleaning the office..but the hardest part is, its not a paid job! I work like a missionary is a foren country does..I have to raise my support..and so one has sent me any support. So I live from month to month...The Lord has been good, I have been able to pay my cell phone bill every month, I walk to work as much as I can to save gas in the car, and my parents are being awsome and not making me pay the car insurance right now, but my parents work with the same ministry and there support leave has droped a ton and I dont want to make them pay it! The other hard thing about not having money is I cant go see movies or anything for that matter with friends. I have been excited about Winter Jam and now, if it was not for my amazing friend Jon I would have not been able to go over spring break.
Ok..sorry all..should not be complaining like that. The Lord has given me and blessed me with so much! I cannot complian! But if you think of me...please send a small prayer up! I really could use it!
Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on my blog! It may sounds funny .... but when I read makes any crap in my day, kinda just fall away! For real...Makes me feel loved! I am so glad I have so many amazing blogger friends! :)
Thanks for listening to me complain! You all are amazing!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wishfull Wensday..Olympics!

Its Wishfull Wensday again folks! And boy am I excited! I love Wishfull Wensdays..they are the highlight to my week! But even more...the topic is so exciting today!!!

" I wish I could have gone to the 2010 Olympics to see one event and it would have been......Short Track with Apollo Ohno and J.R.Celski!

These are 2 of "my boys"! There Da Bom! That race was amazing! I sat on the edge of my couch and screamed and screamed! That was a race I would have LOVED to been at! I cant wait to see J.R is the 2014 olympics! He is gonna kick some but! LOL!
My second choice would have been mens figure skating!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Feeling MUCH better! :) ..A little about me!

As some of you now from my post yesterday..I was sick! But I am feeling a TON better now! ya! Thank you all for your sweet wishes to get better! I know they helped!
I am going to make this post a little about me! Why you may ask? Well.. Over at Kellys Korner she did a post for young bloggers to add there link on and meet other young blogger..and I added mine! So, IF anyone comes over from there...I want you/them to get to now me a little more before they decided to fallow me :)
My name is will comenly see me as Joanna Noel around the blog world! I live in a VERY small town! French Camp , Mississippi! I work at a bording school for troubled youth! I love it! These kids come with such broken hearts because of there broken homes..and I can love on them..they way there family has not!
I am the olderst of 6 kids! My 12 year old sister and 10 year old brother live with me and my parents here in MS. My 20 and 18 year old brother and my 17 year old sister live in PA! I was adoped when I was a day and a half old! My parents could not have children so all 3 of us are adopted! I was able to meet my birth mother and 3 half siblings 5 years ago...those are the once living in PA!
I am new to the blogging world but I love to blog! I also love making new blogger friends!
You will see I love pink, and anything vintage! I am very sentimental and love my boys! ( usally actors or olyimians! LOL! )
My biggest love of my life right now is my Heavenly Father! I am not afraid to share that I am a Christian and it will pop up allot in my post! I am so thankfull that He chose to love me even when I did not deserve it!
So..if you want to get to now me more...come join the ride! :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

My weekend was a flop :(

I have been sick all weekend :( I have not actually thrown up..but sure felt like it! And my head has felt like it was gonna exploud!
Saterday I slept and felt sorry for myself all day! I went outside for about 30min and walked in the nice weather..and than I was back home crashing again! My sister had a Talent Show at school Saterday night..I drug myself out of bed for it..and as soon as it was done left before everyone else did! I went right to bed!
Sunday I pulled myself from bed, took a shower, and headed to church to teach my sunday school class....I left for home as soon as I was done. That evening was another hot shower...and than I crashed last night!
Today I am at work..but I dont now how much longer I can stay! I may have to go home at lunch..we shall see.
I was saying I would have rather had a busy weekend then be sick over it! So needless to say,,,my weekend was not its allmost as if I did not get a weekend :(
On a happy note...I did watch Apollo and J.R race again friday night! Ya...those are my boys! And they got Bronze! So proud of them :)

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