Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy List Smiles!

Its Tuesday and that means its time for........


If you are not invovled in this link up you really need to start! I have been out of the look ( well blogging loop and all ) and I have missed it, so I can only imagine what you feel if you have never joined :)

So, My Happy List this week!

1.) Been sick since Wednesday and I am super happy I have an amazing job with some amazing Managers that are cool with me calling in yesterday to say I could not make it.

2.) I cannot wait for this weekend to get here! Headed back to Van Bruan AR with my cousin and were gonna just chill for the weekend! VERY MUCH needed!
 3.) This picture makes me smile! I want a stack!

4.) My laptop has been working GREAT for the last week!! Fingers crossed it stays that way!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Sick Days,Deep Feelings,and Food!

As you can tell, I have been HORRIBLE at blogging. I have found that when I had a desk job it was so easy to blog. Now, when you work retail, you get home and you just dont get on the computer. I guess all the time at the desk I just would stay there on my lunch break and blog.
And I figured maybe it was just a phase blogging so well, I was not gonna give up blogging, but maybe blogging as well as I was, well, maybe I was past that. Till now. I relized how much I have missed it. Ive missed blogging, reading blogs, comments and so much more. I am still not sure how I am going to fix this blogging funk if you will, that I am in, but I know I want to!
These last few months I have been reminded of how short life can be. End of last month marked the one year anniversary that a friend from Texas was killed while cleaning his gun at the age of 23. May of this year will mark the 2 year anniversary of another friend from Texas passing away from drowning in a lake 2 weeks before he graduated highschool. You never now when that last time is. I feel like I/we need to live every moment as if its our last.
Do you get were im going? I think I so ofter put it off till tomorrow. But we are not given tomorrow, its a gift to wake up to, we cant take it for granted. So, instead of waiting for tomorrow to blog, I'll do it today!

What are your thoughts on the above dear friends?

On to a few other things now!

I love these!

Want to make these soon! :)

And this is just so darn cute! <3

Ok, so im off to write another post and set it to go up tomorrow!


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