Friday, November 18, 2011

Bad Blogger Here!

If your a bad blogger raise your hand! Ya, both of mine are up! I have been HORRIBLE at blogging! But tonight I am sitting down and doing some post up to shedual! Organization is the key!

Things have been crazy at work! Any retail is crazy this time of year, but were Old Navy and were just plain cool! LOL!

Wednesday and Thursday I worked early morning shippment! Both days we were only suppost to get 8 thousand items in and we got 11thousand! So we have been swamped with stuff!
I went in 2hrs early today to try and help them get caught back up! Its been that crazy!

So I am joining in on several swaps this holiday and I was like, how in the heck am I gonna keep track of all these and work!? And then I relized I have this amazing Erin Condren planner and I need to use it to its max! So I have been keeping ALL that in there! Its my best friend these days!

Ok another randum things. I was homeschooled all my life, so I have never had to work with a locker! Well, at work we all have lockers, and I cannot for the life of me get it down! It takes me 5min to open the stupid thing! I swear it will not get the best of me, but some days! Gahhh!

Tonight after I got off work my family stopped by the mall and we did a bit of shopping! I stopped and drooled over the rings at Kay's! I wish I wish I Wish!

Well, on a final note, With the Thanksgiving Holiday coming up my job is getting crazy busy, so Would anyone be interested in being a guest blogger?? I would love you forever! I would be glad to blog for you as well!
Please let me now ASAP! I need something SOON!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Its a LOVELY Friday!

Hey Dear Blogger Friends!

Life has been CRAZY around here! I am finally catching my breath and able to post! I think I am going to have to do allot of scheduled post so I can keep up with blogging and all! :)

If you read my post below you have found out that I got a new job at Old Navy! I am just a seasonal hire right now, but there looking to keep on allot of people!
I have been enjoying it allot! This week I have worked Wednesday and Thursday 6:30 to 11:30! That is the shipping team! We get a massive truck of shipment in! The boxes just come packed with anything and everything! We unload them, hand the stuff, and get it out on the sales floor! Its crazy fast pace!
I work tomorrow as well 4 to close! I am excited cause Im scheduled for 25hrs next week! I hope to pick up some extra shifts as well!
Since I have early morning shifts Starbucks has become my best friend!

And I love that the Christmas Cups are out!

In other news...Look what came in the other day!!

I am just LOVING it!

It goes EVERYWHERE with me! I am still learning how to use it to the max!

I have a photo shoot in town this afternoon! I am super excited for it! Its going to be a Fall and Christmas themed one! Its a young couple who are friends of mine! Im also gonna do her maternity shoot for her then too!

Well, Im off friends!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I have NEWS!

I am still here fellow bloggers! The earthquakes and Tornado's here in the Lovely state of Oklahoma have not taken me down yet!

I must say, I did feel both those earthquakes, it was kinda weird and cool all at the same time. But yet, that's not my news! And no, I do not have a boyfriend and am not getting married, just to stop that rumor right now before it even gets started! LOL!

Some of you may now in other post that I don't mind my job that I have, but I really am wanting something different! Well, this past Saturday I got that!
Last Thursday I filled out a TON of online applications: Starbucks, Gap, Old Navy, Cato's extra. On Friday Old Navy called me back! There hiring seasonal for now, but wanting to keep on some! I went in for an interview Saturday and was given the job right then and there!
I spent 2 to 6 on Sunday in training and then 7 to 10 in a store wide meetings! Lets just say im whooped right now! LOL!
I start my first shift tomorrow! 6:30 am to 11:30 am! I am working the shipment shift! My job is 45min from me so that means a 5am morning! Oh well! I work same shift Thursday and then from 11:30 to 3pm I have training on the Sales floor! Saturday I work 4pm to close!
I am hoping to pick up extra shifts as I go and really make my paycheck count!
So that's my exciting news!


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