Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I have NEWS!

I am still here fellow bloggers! The earthquakes and Tornado's here in the Lovely state of Oklahoma have not taken me down yet!

I must say, I did feel both those earthquakes, it was kinda weird and cool all at the same time. But yet, that's not my news! And no, I do not have a boyfriend and am not getting married, just to stop that rumor right now before it even gets started! LOL!

Some of you may now in other post that I don't mind my job that I have, but I really am wanting something different! Well, this past Saturday I got that!
Last Thursday I filled out a TON of online applications: Starbucks, Gap, Old Navy, Cato's extra. On Friday Old Navy called me back! There hiring seasonal for now, but wanting to keep on some! I went in for an interview Saturday and was given the job right then and there!
I spent 2 to 6 on Sunday in training and then 7 to 10 in a store wide meetings! Lets just say im whooped right now! LOL!
I start my first shift tomorrow! 6:30 am to 11:30 am! I am working the shipment shift! My job is 45min from me so that means a 5am morning! Oh well! I work same shift Thursday and then from 11:30 to 3pm I have training on the Sales floor! Saturday I work 4pm to close!
I am hoping to pick up extra shifts as I go and really make my paycheck count!
So that's my exciting news!



Stephanie said...

congrats on the new job!! I'm glad to hear you survived the earthquake and tornado!! Yikes!

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