101 in 1001 List

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101 in 1001 Days List!

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Joanna Noel's 101 in 1001 List
Last Day to Complete: 


1. Have all USA State collectors spoons (one for each state at least)
[Williamsburg VA -Arkansas -Santa Fe New Mexico-Mount St.Helens Washington- Memphis TN-U.S.S Yorktown Charleston South Caroline-
Albany GA-Dallas TX-New York City-Old Fort Niagara-Oregon-Kentucky]

2. Collect 10 Out of country collector’s spoons[2/10]

3. Collect 100 different and unique post cards from all around the world [5/100]
4. Start an Elvis Presley Collection


5. Travel to New York City
6. Visit Ground Zero
7. Road Trip to San Francisco
8. Road Trip to LA
9. Visit the OKC Bombing Memorial – [10/16/11]
10. Visit 3 Diners from Southern Living off the Eaten Path [ Rumors Deli, Cullman AL 02/22/12]
11. Visit Graceland again and do EVERYTHING
12. See a Broadway Show
13. Go to a Pittsburgh Steelers Game
14. Visit the Fort Worth Stock Yards TX
15. Go to the Dominican Republic
16. Go visit my soon to be niece or nephew in PA


17. Get approved for my first credit card (always pay the bill!)
18. Put $2,000.00 in savings to help with my wedding someday - [$0/$2,000.00]
19. Put $5 aside for every task I complete to spoil my nieces and nephews - [$0/$505]
20. For every task I do not complete I will give $5 to my compassion child Carmen.
21. Buy a nice name brand purse
22. Buy a nice piece of Jewelry
23. Make my Pampered Chef business bring in $500 extra a month for 5 months in a row


24. Get my weight back down to 120 – [170/120]
25. Fit into a size 8 pant
26. Go with only water for a month
27. Go completely vegetarian for a month
28. Take a fitness class


29. Take a road trip with my little sister J to Chicago @ the American Girl Doll Place
30. Go snake hunting with my little brother J
31. Take my mom for a full on spa day
32. Buy 6 American Girl Doll outfits with my sister J - [0/6]
33. Make my sister J a Life Mix CD
34. Make my sister K a Life Mix CD

In The Kitchen:

35. Make 5 recipes out of my Martha Stewart Living Catalog – [0/5]
36. Make 5 recopies from Of the Eaten Path – [0/5]
37. Eat Sushi at a Sushi Bar
38. Make Carmela apples
39. Bake a cheese cake from scratch
40. Make homemade pasta

Personal Growth:

41. Write a letter to myself now, read it when this list is done
42. Collect 5 new cool journals and fill them – [1/5]
43. Make 10 homemade cards and mail them to friends – [0/5]
44. Pay for the person behind me at the drive through
45.  A letter to all 3 of The Jonas Brothers sending them a blessing and prayer (very different than normal fan mail.)[0/3]
46. Join a Bible Study
47. Grow my nails long enough to get a French Manicure
48. Keep a notebook of things I am grateful for every night till the 1001 days are up [0/1001]

Just for fun:

49. Give my hair to Locks of Love
50. Get 5 new Elvis Presley Music CD’s – [0/5]
51. Own and read 10 new books [0/10]
52. Go to an IPS Photography Class
53. Enter one of my photos in a contest
54. Meet a blogging friend in real life
55. Pick back up Piano
56. Go have a Spa Day
57.  Finish 4 scrapbooks
                                  58. Blog every day for one month (except for weekends)
                                                          59. Do 3 video blogs [0/3]
60. Mail 3 packages to friends [0/3]
61. Start a coupon clipping box [01/12/12]
62. Get a Temporary Tattoo
63. Start something to help support Diabetes awareness, raise money for a cure
64. Write a cookbook
65. Write a book for Christian Single Girls
66. Go to a Coupon Clipping Class[1/5/12]
67. Add 25 CD’s to my music collection [4/25]
68. Add 15 DVD’s to my movie collection [0/15]
69. Eat at 10 new restraints’ [0/10]
70. Create a Music Mix CD that’s a Joanna Noel Mix
71. Learn to make hair bows
72. Meet someone Famous
73. Go to 3 Concerts [0/3]
74. Finish decorating and moving into my room
                                                  75. Send 20 Snail Mail Letters [0/20]
76. Buy an Erin Condren Life Planner[12/15/12]
                                                                   77. Make a quilt
78. Make a baby quilt
            79. Make a Christmas mix CD
80. Buy 4 things from Erin Condren [1/4]
81. Own a Gussy Item
82. Grow an inside herb garden.
83. Reach 200 followers by New Years of 2012

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