Friday, January 29, 2010

Welcome a new Blogger..Pink Giveaway Day 3!

Click on the button above and hope on over and join in the pink party! Its not to late..its only day 3 of 10 days of party! I missed yesterday and she had some amazing dont miss today! She has the most adorible, oh so cute pink things!
In other news....
I would like you all to help me welcome my dear friend Megan into the blogging world!
She just started her blog and I would LOVE to give her a warm welcome! This girl is totally amazing and I think you all would love to here what she has to say!
So hope on over and give her a warm welcome! Just tell her I sent ya!
I know you all have been such sweets to go and spread it around :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pink Givaway Day 1..AND...Wishfull Wensday! I am going to start of with.... Wishfull Wensday!

'I wish' .... I could spend three
minutes in Robert Pierre's shoes!

If you have read some of my more resent post you will see that I am on a Robert Pierre kick! I think this kid is awsome! He is only 16 and reaching millions in the love of Jesus! Right now he is touring with WinterJam 2010!

This is him singing at the WinterJam in Chatanooga!

Ok..and now on to Pink Party Week Give away day 1!!!

If you have not yet...hope on over there and enter..there is a ton of cute stuff that she is giving away today! Let me show them to you here to wet your appitite :)

These are the 3 things she is giving away today! Ill have more tomrrow :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pink Party Giveaway...and my Randum Life :)

Hi Y'all!

So...last week I told you about this AMAZING Pink Party Giveaway That was going on last week! Well...dou to computers being totally stupid at times,,,,,the party was postpond....BUT GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?! Its back on again! And it starts tomorrow! You all really should come and join in the fun! Just click on the picture below and check it out! I know I cant wait!

I am really excited today! The office I work at ( im there recetionist in the mornings so it my voice you hear first if you call ) has been under some remodeling..were painting and such! Well...the fron hallway and reception office has been done for some time..and I have been able to clean and vaccuum it fine..but...The back hallway, kitchen/breakroom, back office, class room, and few other offices, have had plastic on the floors as they paint the walls, so I have been cleaning the best I could but cant do much when all this is in the way! Well,,today I was able to vaccuum the hole hallway! The plastic is up! The breakroom is allmost to a point were we can get the fridge and microwave in there! It is so exciting to see it all getting done!
So..I thought maybe I would promote my here are some site's you can check out that I work at! this man ( Lew Sterrett) is my Uncle! He does some amazing stuff with horses! And even if your not all that horse inclined...I urge you to still check it out! If you have any questions about him...just ask me!
We also are working alongside another ministry and I answer phones for them at the same is there web address this is summer camp as well as retreats during the school year! Check it out!
So...this may seeem small to allot of you but....I now have 8 fallowers! this is a big thing for me! Im mean..Im just a small girl..and I dont really think what I have to say is all that exciting..but I have been amazed how much I have loved blogging..and that others enjoy reading it! I hope to get more fallowers soon..and do a give away one of these days!
well I shall close for now! I do so love all your comments!

Friday, January 22, 2010

My Kick im on this month!

Ok, So I go threw these kicks....Item that I love, Band that I love, Movie, book..ect.....

So last month I was all over Casting Crowns , on there fan site allot, reading Mark Halls books, Understanding the insite behind there songs, listening to there a friend put it " stalking them" LOL! :)

Well this month...I have been researching WinterJam 2010 cause I am totally excited about going to the Tupelo one of the Memphis one ( my group is still trying to decided) and I was looking at the line up..and got excited about Third Day and Sidewalk Prophets...than I saw a name I had nevere heard...Robert Pierre....Looked him up....listen to one of his youtube vide's and if you have not guess it yet...Robert Pierre is my kick now! I got his Identity Album of amazon last night! Im loving it!

This kid is AMAZING! He is only 16 and has such a passion for the Lord...his voice is also amazing! This picture was taken at the WinterJam 2010 in Chatanooga!

So..if you all are looking at this post and saying " who the heck is Robert Pierre..You need to find out! I pray he will be somone big like Casting Crowns someday! He has the heart for it!

So this is his Fan Site and it gives you all kinds of info on him, what the Lord has done in his life, and allot more!

I cant wait to get my own Pictures! Maybe he will be out were I could meet him after!

What kick are you on.....and/or whats your favorite band?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I am SOOOO Excited :) :) :)

So, A lady from my mom's doctors office sent my mom home with 2 big bags of cloths,( my mom is manager of our Double Blessings Thrift store) and my mom let me and my lil sis go through it before the put it up in the store!

There were to skirts that I just loved but they were size 10..and im in a 12 right now. So this morning I was wanting to wear a skirt today to work....and just randumly pulled out the new black and white one and thought" why not try it on!" AND GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!? It fits! I am so happy! I feel so cute today! Black and white skirt, cute pink top, and one of those thick black belts on top!

On a sad note, I still can not get my lap-top to turn on :( The internal plug for the charging is the screen is going! So all my photoshop and all that work is on there...Plus my Pampered Chef software that I have to have for selling it!

Office is quite so far today! The sun is finally back out! After the nasty weather we had last night, its nice to see it! We had chances of Tornado's and everything! Crazy how you live in the south and can have them in Januray! Yes, I am a souther girl now..but 19 years in used to snow storms this time of year!

We have a Basker Ball game tonight! Im rooting on my French Camp Mighty Panthers! The girls team does well..but its the boys team that makes you get on your feet and scream! They play really intense games :) I love my French Camp Panthers!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wishfull Wensday...I love this dress!

Ok..So Im playing Wishfull Wensday again! I look so foward to my wensdays now :)

'I wish' .... I could have worn the gown that Sandra Bulluck wore at the 67th Annual Golden Globes Award!

I am in love with this dress! I am not a big purple girl..but this dress just took my breath away! I WANT IT! Now for me..I dont like to wear a dress without I would totally put a cute little black jacket with it! But..WHAT A DRESS!
Go over and play people! I want to see what dress you want from the 67 Annual Golden Globes Award!

Ok..So ya..I need to blog!

I am so very sorry to have not have blogged in a while! I will try and make up for it and make this post allot of jibber jabber :)

So..Sunday I was feeling down. The reality of only having a few friends here in Mississippi was catching up to me..and the 2 friends I had were busy allot! That evening I call a friend of mine who lives right up the road ,Jon Morgan, and he told me to come on over and hang out! Daniel and Hayden were there as well and I got to now all 3 of them better! They told me I was now apart of there crazy group! We watched Taken..It was really good! I am so excited to have a awsome yet crazy group of friends now :)

Monday I had to work! BLAH! It was MLK day and I still had to work! Everyone else here at the Academy was off...sigh...that afternoon I was about to pull my hair out so Jon had me come over and we watched The Notebook together! <3>
That night( my family lives right next to the fire station) we hear the fire trucks and stuff take off around 5ish and they were movin! Than about 5 min later Acherman fire departmant went flying through! Soon after we heard the Ethel Fire department heading our way! It was driving me out of my mind not nowing what was going on! About 30min later they all came flying back and headed up towards are Panthers football feild! I was freakin out by this time! Finally got a txt from Jon saying that Ainsley and her 7 year old sister Morgan had noise dived into a ditch......they were both being life stared to Jackson!

I right away threw on a hoodie and shoes and made a beline for the football was a made house! All the comunity was up there to support the family! There were 3 Fire Trucks, 3 Ambulances, and 2 life star coppters! They took Ainsley first because she was having and head trama, than they took Morgan who had broken her femer. They were soon off and everyone went home. Ainsley was released at 1;00 am that morning..she is doing allot better. Morgan was throwing up all night and did not stop till 3:00 pm yesterday! They finally went in and did surgery at suppertime. They are not sure how it will work out because it broke right near her growth plate. Please keep both girls in your prayers!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lots of Giveaways..dont miss out!

Ok all..This is the givaway week I guess...I want ya all to try and check them all out..cause you never may just win!
Ok the first one is..DONT FORGET ABOUT PINK WEEK! The post below this one gives you more info on it!
Than the second one is : over at Scarpbooking Boutuiqe Its a really amazing mini book..go over and check it out!
Ok..thats my update on giveaways..CHECK THEM OUT PEOPLE :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pink Week!! <3 <3 <3

Hi all!
So when I saw this I was totally for really jumping out of my seat excited!

So you have to understand..I LOVE GIVEAWAYS..but I have never won one..and this next week..its gonna be a giveaway every I could maybe get one!! And I want you in on the action..who does not want to win a all pink stuff..and I adore pink! :P
So you need to hope on over to Blooming on Bainbridge and check out her Pink Week Giveaway that starts next week!
You will also enjoy reading her daily bloggs! I have laughed and smiled so much when I read all she has to share!

My week has been going ok! Office is not to buys, and prolly as I say this the phone will start ringing off the hook! Ha!
So, since I love pink so much I really hope that I may get one of the giveaways! And if I do I shall take a picture of what I do with it and make shure you all see what it looks like!

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 is going to be MY year!

So, as allot of you now, I have struggled allot in 2009. We moved (again) and I had to leave friends behind ( again ). Than we came here to French camp were I did not have hardly any friends at all! And on top of it all, my friends were getting engaged and married, I had 2 friends weddings in 2009 and my little sister got engaged! And there I was still single!
Well...I did allot of soul searching, allot of on my knee's before the Lord crying out. And ya now what? I decided to make 2010 my year! Let me explain!
I decided that I am going to be the " single and loving it!" I am going to do things that I cant do when Im single! I am going to pour myself into friends getting married, and I am going to LOVE it!
And its allready been working! I had 2 friends get engaged last night! And I am WAY excited for them! But ya now, that sinking feeling never came!
2010 here I come!
On a lighter note:
I hope everyone had a great new years! I went to my friend Jon-Jons house! We had a blast! We watched Red Eye and Prom Night, got everyone good and scared and THAN we went out for a drive on the back roads! It was a blast!
Us 3 girls and Daniel took off without the other car and than called Jon and told him daniel left us and we were lost on the road! We had him for allmost 30 min! He came back home and there we were smiling at him! It was SO MUCH FUN!
welll,..what did you do for new years my dear blogger friends?

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