Thursday, January 21, 2010

I am SOOOO Excited :) :) :)

So, A lady from my mom's doctors office sent my mom home with 2 big bags of cloths,( my mom is manager of our Double Blessings Thrift store) and my mom let me and my lil sis go through it before the put it up in the store!

There were to skirts that I just loved but they were size 10..and im in a 12 right now. So this morning I was wanting to wear a skirt today to work....and just randumly pulled out the new black and white one and thought" why not try it on!" AND GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!? It fits! I am so happy! I feel so cute today! Black and white skirt, cute pink top, and one of those thick black belts on top!

On a sad note, I still can not get my lap-top to turn on :( The internal plug for the charging is the screen is going! So all my photoshop and all that work is on there...Plus my Pampered Chef software that I have to have for selling it!

Office is quite so far today! The sun is finally back out! After the nasty weather we had last night, its nice to see it! We had chances of Tornado's and everything! Crazy how you live in the south and can have them in Januray! Yes, I am a souther girl now..but 19 years in used to snow storms this time of year!

We have a Basker Ball game tonight! Im rooting on my French Camp Mighty Panthers! The girls team does well..but its the boys team that makes you get on your feet and scream! They play really intense games :) I love my French Camp Panthers!


Annie said...

i'm sure you looked adorable! YAY for free clothes! :)
sorry to hear about your laptop hun :(
enjoy the basketball game!!
SO glad tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

OceanDreams said...

Hope your game went well and I'm happy that you found some great clothes! That is always fun to have some fun new outfits. Hope your laptop cooperates for ya. Happy Sat!

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