Monday, August 29, 2011

new, New, NEW!

Happy Monday Morning Bloggy Friends!

First, I have one new winner for my blog giveaway!

The Vinal Laundry Wall Art was not claimed so my new winner is :

Aubrey over at High Heeled Love!
You have till Wednesday to email me at cooking4him @ gmail . com to claim your prize!

Another new thing, well, can you see it?

I got my blog done!

Were you may ask? Oh please let me tell you!

Yep, The amazing Jenn from above did it! She has done my blog 2 other times and I have always LOVED her work!
I was wanting to "brand" my blog! Make it something that when others read it or whatever they could picture my blog! I was also ready to take it to another level. So when I emailed Jenn I really did not now totally what I wanted! I gave her a few idea's what I liked and when she sent me my first draft, I loved it! I actually could not belive I did not have anything I wanted changed! I had my mom and my Aunt look at it too! But I wanted NOTHING changed!
If y'all want a blog that looks amazing, you really need to go check her site out! She has amazing prices for the stuff she does! She is amazing to her returning customers as well!

If you have my blog button on your site would you consider snagging my new one? Your amazing!

Well, I am off to a Pampered Chef Buisness Meeting this evening and all day tomorrow! After that things should be back to normal! I will send out all the giveaway items then!

I am linking up with:

Mingle 240



Thursday, August 25, 2011

Giveaway WINNERS!

I have some winners for you!

I was going to be all cool and write out each name and draw them that way, but when I relized there was 44 entrys (awsome, first time ever!) I was like, never mind! So, I used the web random counter!
Then, I was gonna try and give everyone the giveaway they wanted (just to be nice) but that was not gonna work out because there was several doubles of what they wanted. So I ended up just going down the line!
What I did was as random counter pulled your number up, I put you with the prize from order from 1 to 5.
So here it goes!

#1. $10 Bath and Body Works Card - Comment #20 Meghan!

#2. $10 Victoria's Secrete Card - Comment #4 Rachel!

#3. Laundry is Loads Of Fun Wall or Plaque Vinal - Comment #24 Aubrey Laine!

#4. Pampered Chef Goody Box - Comment #28 Sprinkles!


#5. Dance and Dream Surprise Package - Comment #30 Katie!

I have a VERY busy next few days, so I will be giving Y'all loads of time to see this post!
You have till Sunday night to email me at cooking4him @ gmail . com with your mailing address! On Monday I WILL DRAW NEW WINNERS!

If you have close to the same name as someone on the list please go back to THIS post, and look to see if its you! I try ed to get names just right so there would be no confusion!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Giveaway Update!

Today I am having trouble being motivated to blog! So I bring to you this fine Tuesday a few of my favorit pins I have put up in the last week!

I also want to give an update for my Giveaway! I will be closing my giveaway tonight! Tomorrow morning you cannot enter anymore!

I will be posting the Winners on Friday and you will have till Monday night and email me back or I will pick a new winner Tuesday!
Thanks for the crazy amount of people that entered! I am super excited!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

AHHH...Exciting News!

Yes, I am blogging on Saturday! The dog woke me up early, and I could not get back to sleep! So I got a cup of coffee and jumped on blogger!
I am taking the kids school pictures today, then running to Norman, Sis Jerusha needs new cleats for softball, plus I need Starbucks, and need to stop at Mardels for 3 year old Wednesday night church class!

Ok, so on to my exciting news! If you follow me on twitter or are a friend on facebook you have most likely allready seen this, but, in the Spring im gonna need this mug!

Yep! My sister called me yesterday morning and told me!

I have never been an Auntie before so I am super excited :)

Im really digging this shirt! I need one :)

Also, for all you that are or thinking about entering my Giveaway. I am being very wishy washy about when im going to close it! I think what Im going to do is keep it open till at least Tue, I just have been getting allot of entrys and dont want them to stop! :)


Friday, August 19, 2011

Its Friday!

Its Friday! Today I am linking up with:

Smart and Trendy Moms

Welcome to all who are new! I hope you stay and get to now me better! I am always up for comments, and new followers!

Today I figured I would share a little bit of happyness, and show you something I like allot!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

20 Something Bloggers Blog Swap Featured Swap Partner!

{Good Morning Lovely Readers of Mine! Today I am doing a Blog Swap as apart of the 20 Something Bloggers 9th blog swap! So below you get to meet an amazing new blogger! I am so excited about her post! I truly hope you will comment here on this post and go to her blog and leave her some love!!}

Hi! I’m Tina and I now live in Fort Worth, Texas. I’ve been asked to write about my summer and…

Oh my word this summer has been cray, cray!

I used to live in Lubbock, Texas. At the beginning of the summer, I was taking a ridiculous amount of graduate summer courses at Texas Tech and working at an awesome garden center called Little Red Riding Hood Nursery. I wanted to finish up my coursework for my master’s degree so that my fiancĂ© and I could finally leave town. We’d only lived in Lubbock for college (and in Matt’s case, a post-college job too).

Looking back we knew that five years (seven for Matt) was much too long to hang around that dusty, flat place filled with far too many people that made our blood pressure go up.

So, we moved to the city.

For Matt, it’s been like coming home. He grew up (at least his formative years) in Arlington, Texas, which is nearby. I grew up in a small town in Texas. The change from that to Lubbock
was big; this is bigger.

What I miss the most about Lubbock are my friends and my garden. I was fortunate that I got a spot in the community garden right away. As for friends, I’m sure I’ve pestered mine to death with messages. And I’m also sure that I’ll make some new friends to hang out with here soon, too.

Sometimes I still can’t believe how much has changed over the summer.

I now live in a neighborhood with bike lanes (at least in many areas) as well as weekly bike rides. I went on one Sunday afternoon with the Night Riders. It was their slowest weekly ride, which was perfect for me. Also, a bit of beverage consumption was included. What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

A little bike riding, a little beer.

This summer has also been good for my culinary skills. I’ve had a bunch of time on my hands since I’m a teacher and school doesn’t start until August 22nd, and my last summer class was over at the beginning of this month. (Read: Lots of down time to get bored and make a nice dinner.)

Plus, the fiancé and I have decided to become halfhearted vegetarians. We only eat meat (in moderation, of course) on weekends and special occasions that result in going out to eat during the week.

Thus far, I feel like it’s been a success.

I’ve discovered new things to do with okra and how to make a mean meat-free kebob. My body also feels a lot better without as much meat fat and protein clogging up my system.

All in all, this summer has been fabulous. I’m feeling better in both body and mind. My spirit is also doing pretty well. I’m thinking about taking up daily meditation again as a way to relax and open the day with a peaceful mind.

The rest of my 20s --- I turn 24 in January --- is shaping up quite nicely. The future expands in front of me with lots of promise when I think about it. And next summer, if all goes well, will be even better.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Los Angeles!!!

I am so excited! I joined a Snail Mail Swap (love swaps and this one was cheap to do as well!) and got my stuff in the mail!

My amazing Swap Partner was Katie over at The Lacy Family!

I told Katie that I love Starbucks but anything worked!
Well....When I opened the mail she sent me this is what I found!

I was and am SUPER excited! I went right away onto the Starbucks website and registered my card and all! I love doing that, since it gets me points!
I cant wait to get to OKC and use it!

Well, Since I have been thinking on my Bucket List allot latley ( I still need some tips on that, so please read the blog post below and comment! ) I wanted to share with you a few places I want to travel!

So today I am going to share this place!

Yes, Me, a small town girl, wants to go to a city! I would never be able to live in a city for that long, but visiting would be awsome!
I want to go to the beach, see the Hollywood sign, and all that!

Has anyone ever been out that way? What are your thoughts on it?

Whoo Hoo! We all survived Monday! How was everyonce Monday? Mine was not bad :)

Also dont forget about my GIVEAWAY that going on! I am doing a slight change on it! It is open till NEXT Friday! There are 2 gift cards and 3 other things! 5 winners :)


Monday, August 15, 2011

Bucket List?

Good Monday Morning Bloggie Friends!
So I have been reading/watching/hearing allot about Bucket List! I really want to start one myself, but I need a few tips first! So I figured I would ask my amazing blog world to give me a hand on the "knowladge!"
Here are a few questions I have before I get going! I do relized that some of this may be up to preferances but I need ideas so :)
1. Do I need to put my list in order from #1 as the biggest thing I want to do the most and down, or just in whatever order they come to me? Cause Im sure I'll be adding more!
2. Like me I want to road trip the USA, BUT I do have places I REALLY want to stop and see! Should I just put USA down or just the places I want to go? Or maybe both?
3. How do you write yours? In a Journal, on the Computer? Both?
4. Were do you store them? Do you display them so You can see it all the time?
Thanks for being patient with me! Im new to this and just need some ideas to get me going! Y'all are awsome!
Just a few more fast things!
My little sister started blogging!
Please go leave her some love over at Softball Queen! She would think It was the coolest thing!
Also, Im linking up with Mingle Monday!
Mingle 240
Welcome to anyone that is new!
Also, Dont forget about my Giveaway below! Runs till Saturday! There will be 5 winners! Make sure your a follower before you enter :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Blogaversary Giveaway!

As promised I am doing a giveaway for my 2 year annivarsary on blogging!

I truelly hope I get allot of entrys!

Here is what you can win!

$10 gift card to Bath and Body Works

$10 gift card to Victoria Secreat!

This cute Laundry roll on sticker that can be used on a sign or whatever you would like!

A Pampered Chef goodie pack! You never now what will end up in this one!

Dance and Dream Surprise pack!
I am throwing several of my favorite things together! It will be a surprise in the mail!

Ok, how to enter!

MUST be a follower of this blog!

Extra entrys:

1. Comment on what package you would LOVE to win!
2. Follow me on Twitter @JoannaNoel88
3. "Like" the fan page!
4. Blog about this giveaway
5. Tweet about the giveaway with @JoannaNoel88 tagged (once a day )
6. Facebook about the giveaway ( once a day )

For the twitter and facebook please come back every day and comment when you have done it!

Please use seperate comments for each thing you do!

Giveaway runs till next Saturday!

Pass the word along!


{8/14/2011 UPDATE: IMPORTANT! I just want to make sure this is clear so that I dont have anyone missing out on any fun! You MUST be a follower of my blog to join in the giveaway, if your not, nothing counts. The ONLY exceptions are people who email me, that may read my blog daily but dont have a blog themselfs. If you dont email me and ask I wont allow you to though! Thanks :) So far everyone thats enetered is ok, but just a check in :) )

{ 8/16/2011 UPDATE: The giveaway closing date has changed! It will be open till NEXT friday now! I have some blog swap's I am in that will get me a few more readers most likly and I want to encloude as many people as possible!}

Wedding Friday!

I have done all the other wedding pictures but then relized I never but rehearsal pictures up!
So here they are!

Are table at rehearsal dinner! Left to right: Kyle (groomsman) Sarah(Bridesmaid) Me (maid of Honor) and my brother Mike!

My now Brother In Law Ryan and my sister Kelsey!

Last night as Miss. Kelsey Gilkinson!

Me and my brother Mike!
Fun as Bridesmaids!

All 3 of us girls!

Well, thats all for now!

Happy Weekend!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gussy and Its Ok!

Doing 2 link ups today!

Lets start with:

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

And the promt this week is Gardens!

I love to Garden, but here in Oklahoma it gets so dry and hot its hard to keep things alive! So I have always wanted to make one of these! Im looking up How Too's and going to do it soon!

Are they not just so amazing?

Ok, and the other link up is:

Its Ok Thursdays

Its ok to be so excited about rain here in Oklahoma that you stand on the porch at work and bounce around like a 5 year old!

Its ok that you buy a half pound of candy every time your at the Candy Company in Bricktown!

Its ok that you miss people so much that the below photo and quote makes you cry!
Its ok that you are about to die cause you can walk in bear feet in your front yard!

Its ok to have a MASSIVE list of city's to visit before you die!

Its ok to be a Jonas Brothers fan at 22!

Its ok to have wanted to see this guy below in Hairspray 2 weekends ago!(nick jonas)

Its ok to have all this makeup!

Joanna Noel!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Half Way There!

Its Wednesday! And that means I am half way through the week! And that means the weekend is coming! :)

Also, I told Y'all last week I was guest posting! Well, lazy me never got the links to Y'all for it! So here they are! You can still go show me some love and comment on them!

One is over at My So-Called Chaos!
And the other is at If Its Not Ok!

I also would like to share another link with you!
As most you now I am a Christian! But I dont talk about it a TON on here. I have started another blog for my articals and ramblings of my Christian Walk! If you would like to follow me there I would LOVE that!
Go to The Kinds Daughter and follow :)

Here are some photo's of the photo shoot I did last week!

Also check back Friday! Thats when my Giveaway goes up!

Joanna Noel

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