Friday, February 17, 2012

Today is Friday and its time to link up below!


I am majorly irked right now, DO NOT feel like smiling or being happy, and I want to KILL my younger  siblings! I am SO sick of being the only one my age and everyone else acts there age and thats immature and all for me since I'm 9 to 10 years older then them!

That sentence above made me feel TONS better! Thanks!

This dessert was amazing last night! We had it at are Father Daughter Banquet we spoke at!


I helped with these decorations and I must say they looked amazing!

Im loving this coffee! And that bad cause its only here in Alabama were we are visiting so I have to go back home and be happy with Starbucks!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy Happy HAPPY List!

Since I am getting back into my blogging I figured I would start jumping back onto link ups! Im a little late on this one today! But better late then never!

So linking up below!


So here is my Happy List right now!

1. I survived my inventory shift I did last night! Worked 9pm to 4am at Old Navy! Crazy crazyness but it was good! I slept till 11:30 this morning! *yawn*

2. Were on the road again! My family and myself are in AR right now going to speak for a Father Daughter conference, then on to MS to visit friends! Back to work by Tuesday!

3. This pictures just made my day! I WANT ONE BAD!

4.My hair is finally growing out again! I want to donate it to Lock of Love but I dont want it shorter than my shoulders and I am trying to work all the color out of my hair! Maybe soon!

5. I found this photo on Pinterest too! I want one of these as well!

What is your Happy List? Link up and enjoy too!


Monday, February 13, 2012

All About Me! WELCOME!

Im Linking up over here today to read about new blogs and maybe get some new followers as well!

So, if your new here WELCOME! I love readers, followers, comments, you name it I love it! I will follow back and I do reply to comments! Ive been kinda out of it with blogging but Im working on that!
For those of you who arnt new, this blog post may be a good refresher then!

So lets start!

Hi I am Joanna Noel!

I am a 20 something blogger from the great state of Oklahoma! 
I have been blogging for around close to 3 years now!

I currently have 2 jobs! I work as an Sales Associate at Old Navy! That job just started in November of 2011! I also work for myself! I am an Independent Consultant with The Pampered Chef! I LOVE having my own hours that way!

This is my baby!

His name is Webster and he is about 8 years Old! I Love him to death!

I LOVE movies!

I cannot wait for this one to come out!

And I just went and saw this one with friends last Friday night!

I am a Jonas Brothers Fan.

A Tim Tebow Fan.

Love to Bake.

And I LOVE Channing Tatum!

My Blog is allot of everything so I hope you stay and we can become best bloggy buddies!


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