Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mud Between toe's, 4-wheeling, and gardening!

So...last night I baby sat my siblings and the Edwards kids ( there dad is the presedent of FCA) and we played in the yard! We have had non stop rain for the last 3 weeks and we took are shoe's off and just let the mud do whatever it wanted! Th mud squishing between by toe's was AMAZING! LOL!
This morning when I got up I had to put a hoodie on and it only game of 2 times today! IT WAS COLD PEOPLE! Everyone thought I was crazy..but it was COLD!
I went 4-Wheeling around 1ish with Marcie and really had fun with her! Got all mudding and my hair looked a mess..but it was so much fun!
This afternoon Heather ( an FCA student) and myself planted Pansie's and a few other flowers! The gardens are looking nice! I will take some pictures soon!
Thank you to all those who read my blog..I know its not many..but its nice to see who all reads!
I have made several " blogger Friends"! That has been fun. <3

Monday, September 28, 2009

Its starting to feel allot like...Fall! :)

Ok...So as I have said MANY times.I LOVE FALL! And of course..here in the south it is hot! Well today IT IS FEELING LIKE FALL! <3

I got to wear a sweater this morning thats how cold it was!

The sun is out so its still nice but leave's are falling from the tree's and making there amazing crunching noise!

I pulled 3 pumkins from the field today, washed them up, and decorated on the front porch! Also cut the rest of the Zinnia's and they are sitting on the dinningroom table!



Here is how it works!

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A catologe show is so easy! All you have to do is hand out the catologs and get orders!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Sis!

So today is my sister Kelsey's 17th birthday!
Kelsey is so much fun! I cant really describe her to you, she is just so cool, you will have to meet her to see for yourself!
Here are some photo's opf us together..and some of just Kels!
I would love for her to have a "Happy Birthday" from my blogging world...and my blogger friends..so leave a Happy Birthday comment for her!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bridal Shower Idea's!

ok...so as of last night I am doing a Bridal shower for my sister..but just a little diffrent than what you would usally do!
My Grandma Triana really wants to do Kelseys bridal shower...so last night Kelsey asked me to do a small one for her...I suggested a Lingerie Shower! She LOVED it! So thats what ill be doing! I think were going to do it the night before the weddding..maybe! Ryan ( the guy she is marring) will be at there house all night so she needs a place to run off to with the girls! I am thinking of getting a hotel room for the night!
I know that I have like a year and a half..but I've never done anything like this so am getting ideas now! Plus..in that amount of time..I could be planning my own wedding..or somthing else..who nows!
Here are a few idea's I found...also...If you have ANY ideas for me...PLEASE let me now...Game idea's...ANYTHING would be so helpfull!

Some cute idea's for party invites!

This is a size insert for the party so you dont have to guess and buy the wrong sizes!

Party food...you can dip in choc!!

And these too cute, sugar cookie, party favors!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Some fun stuff I found that I LOVE!

Ok....so today I was looking through this amazing site... http://www.hostesswiththemostess.com/ and found some amazing ideas! Ill put a few pictures on here...but you will have to go to the site and check it out!

I LOVE this idea and am so making some here soon!

ok....so as most of you now..my sister is engaged..and me being the "maid of awner" has to come up with the Bridal shower...Know im going to plan it with many others..and want Kels involved if she wants..but i was looking around for idea's and found some I love ( hint hint..they could be used when my time comes!)

Party Favors!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life has been slow...BUT..EXCITING!!

So..things have been slow around here, we have not had many people in the B & B so that keeps me doing allot of NOTHING!

For the few people who read my blog...Im sorry I have slacked off:(

My parents had there 30th wedding anniversary on Tuesday and yesterday morning they headed to the coast to stay till Saterday! I am watching the kids!

I prolly looked so funny this morning taking them to school! The school is just up the road, so I did not change from my PJ's just pulled a hoodie on, put the hood up, and droped them off! I hope no one noticed me to much!

Now..completly showered up and ready for my day, Im getting ready to go vacccum all the carpets, put the stove back together ( we had cleaned it really well!) and fold some sheets!

The other exciting thing that happend is.....MY SISTER GOT ENGAGED!

No..not my sister Jerusha....but my sister Kelsey...she is 17 and has been dating Ryan for 2 years! He asked her to marry him and she said yes!

So...June or July of 2011 I will be heading to Pa to be her maid of awner!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

911 We will never forget you!

I still remember that day like it was yesterday! I was doing school and my grandma called..said are country had been attacked..Mt mom sent me down stairs to turn on the tv...the first thing I saw was a TON of smoke and people walking out of it!
I will also never forget the day 2 years ago that I got to see where flight 93 came down! What a powerfull site!
Never forget what happend people! This was a time in history that made an impact on the USA FOREVER!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Here are some of the pictures I promised! Things are just popping up all over the place around here that scream " Fall is coming!" I cant wait! :) :) :)

Some of the Pumpkins from across the road!

These are some Zinnia's that are growing near the pumpkins!

The veiw from the bord walk on the front of my place..this is the road through the Historical District!
This is the front of the Bed and Breakfast were I work and live!
And last but not lease is " cat " She is the Bed and Breakfast cat!
I will get picture of my kitty up here soon! And my room!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fall..and All the fun that it is!

Ok...So Sara inspired me with her blog post to do my own on fall and all that kinda stuff! So here it is!
I totally cannot wait till sweat shirt weather! I LOVE wearing my hoodies, hats, scarves, and pull over sweaters!

Sweaters are also very cute!

And than there is one of my all time favorits for this time of year...Pumkin Spice Latta from Starbucks! Sadly the closest one to us in 2hrs away :( So I will have to live with the picture!

There are Pumpkins growing right across the road from the Bed and Breakfast! I love going out in the morning to feed the cat and looking across the road at all the color! I will get a picture up here soon..for now..some nice pictures I found online!

And of course we cannot forget another of my favorits...Colorfull leaves!

Well..I shall close for now before I bore you all to death!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Totally Randum Post!

Ok...so I belive that every blog needs a totally randum post every blue moon..and since there has not been a blue moon on this blog yet..I shall make one today! :)
I am a very great lover of Old Navy brand stuff and was surfing there web site and feel in love with some of the cloths...here are a few:

The Sweaters/Hoodies!

The T-Shirts!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Am Loved By A King!

So many times, I feel like I stand out
Different. Strange. Misfit.
There is an ache inside, Where do I belong?
Feelings of loneliness crowd out the truth I know
I go searching for love among people and things
And they never satisfy.
But you are a jealous God,
and you want all of me
I am loved by a King.
And I begin to see,
This is not my home.
I belong to You.
Not who I am,
but what Christ has done for me
Makes me Your child.
Not what I do, but Whose I am.
I am Your beloved.
I am not my own,
I belong to You.
There is none like You
You are Holy and Just
Yet You are the only One who fully knows my heart,
You are the only One who fills me up,
Who fills every need
I know I belong to You.
I am loved by a King.
As I look up in Your face,
My heart sings, my face shines
Your glory reflected in me.
My life, my light, my joyComes from the Father’s hand.
I soar with the wings of an eagle,
As I rest in your strength and gentleness
Peace comes as I focus my all on You,
The One I trust,
And eagerly wait for the day I’ll go home with You.
There is none like You
You are Holy and Just
Yet You are the only One who fully knows my heart,
You are the only One who fills me up,
Who fills every need
I know I belong to You.
I am loved by a King.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Post I said was coming...my weekend!

So, Im going to start out with some today stuff and than move on to the weekend..hope you can keep up :)
So, since we live in tonado alli we have a big tornado siren at the fire department. The first Monday of every month they test it! Well since the first monday will be Labor Day they decided to do it today, and boy could you hear it! The ;ady at the post office ( its right next to the fire department) said that her ears were ringing for some time after it was done :) We will have no issue not hearing when a tornado is coming in that for sure :)!
Ok..on to this last weekend!
Friday night was the first Highschool football game! We ( The French Camp Panthers) played in away game! We played the Kilmikle Hornats!
To start the game off, on te first play one of our guys broke his finger! Broke it clean at the joint and sent the bone through his skin! He had to go to the hospital! By half time we were loosing..are team was just not doing well and are defence stunk!
During have time one of the cheerleads feel from up high, caught herself but managed to elbow another cheerleader in the eye! She had to go get stickes in her eyebrow!
Finally, after half time, our team stepped thing up and really started scoring! We ended up winning 46 to 22!
Sunday was the baby shower for Mrs. Martin ( a dorm parent) and that was allot of fun! She got some really cute stuff! It was great to hang out with all the ladies!
I came home and rested for a bit than headed back up to the HUT ( House of Unclaimed Treasures) ( single girls live there :) ) and had supper with the 2 MMR intern girls! I ended up staying till 9:30!
That about sums up my weekend! It was nice!

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