Monday, September 21, 2009

Bridal Shower Idea's! as of last night I am doing a Bridal shower for my sister..but just a little diffrent than what you would usally do!
My Grandma Triana really wants to do Kelseys bridal last night Kelsey asked me to do a small one for her...I suggested a Lingerie Shower! She LOVED it! So thats what ill be doing! I think were going to do it the night before the weddding..maybe! Ryan ( the guy she is marring) will be at there house all night so she needs a place to run off to with the girls! I am thinking of getting a hotel room for the night!
I know that I have like a year and a half..but I've never done anything like this so am getting ideas now! that amount of time..I could be planning my own wedding..or somthing else..who nows!
Here are a few idea's I found...also...If you have ANY ideas for me...PLEASE let me now...Game idea's...ANYTHING would be so helpfull!

Some cute idea's for party invites!

This is a size insert for the party so you dont have to guess and buy the wrong sizes!

Party can dip in choc!!

And these too cute, sugar cookie, party favors!


♥ sarahbeth. said...

thank you! we had so much fun! your ideas for the shower look cute! xoxo

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