Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life has been slow...BUT..EXCITING!!

So..things have been slow around here, we have not had many people in the B & B so that keeps me doing allot of NOTHING!

For the few people who read my blog...Im sorry I have slacked off:(

My parents had there 30th wedding anniversary on Tuesday and yesterday morning they headed to the coast to stay till Saterday! I am watching the kids!

I prolly looked so funny this morning taking them to school! The school is just up the road, so I did not change from my PJ's just pulled a hoodie on, put the hood up, and droped them off! I hope no one noticed me to much!

Now..completly showered up and ready for my day, Im getting ready to go vacccum all the carpets, put the stove back together ( we had cleaned it really well!) and fold some sheets!

The other exciting thing that happend is.....MY SISTER GOT ENGAGED!

No..not my sister Jerusha....but my sister Kelsey...she is 17 and has been dating Ryan for 2 years! He asked her to marry him and she said yes!

So...June or July of 2011 I will be heading to Pa to be her maid of awner!!


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