Monday, September 7, 2009

Fall..and All the fun that it is!

Ok...So Sara inspired me with her blog post to do my own on fall and all that kinda stuff! So here it is!
I totally cannot wait till sweat shirt weather! I LOVE wearing my hoodies, hats, scarves, and pull over sweaters!

Sweaters are also very cute!

And than there is one of my all time favorits for this time of year...Pumkin Spice Latta from Starbucks! Sadly the closest one to us in 2hrs away :( So I will have to live with the picture!

There are Pumpkins growing right across the road from the Bed and Breakfast! I love going out in the morning to feed the cat and looking across the road at all the color! I will get a picture up here soon..for now..some nice pictures I found online!

And of course we cannot forget another of my favorits...Colorfull leaves!

Well..I shall close for now before I bore you all to death!


Sara said...

Oh, Joanna, how fun! Glad I "inspired" you. =) I love the sweater! Where's it from? And I know EXACTLY what you mean about pumpkin spice lattes...mmm! I guess I'm blessed to have a Starbucks only 5 minutes away! :P

Courtney said...

Love your layout and all the pictures! Fall is by far my favorite season!

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