Thursday, July 25, 2013

Writer's Workshop: Coffee

I have not joined Writer's Workshop is years! I figured it was time to get back into it! And I loved one of the topics this week!

So the topic this week that I have picked is:

5.) Write a post inspired by the word: Coffee

I love my Starbucks! I had a gold card at one point! (Than I moved to MS and was 2hrs from a Starbucks so I'm working my way back to the gold card again!)
I keep my Starbucks app handy and use that instead of dragging my cards around with me!

There are few mornings you will find me without a coffee mug in my hand. Actually normally what you see if me in my bathroom putting on makeup and doing my hair with a random coffee mug from the cupboard downstairs with coffee sitting on the counter next to me!
My dad is always up around 4:30 or so, I can always count on there being coffee in the coffee pot! And really the only time I don't get coffee is if we are out of creamer.
Yes I am that type of coffee drinker, the one who is "Would you like a little coffee with your creamer?" The kind who HAS to have flavored creamer! I get the big jug of french vanilla at Walmart! Between my dad and myself we can down one in a few weeks!
I don't really have a mug that I use on a daily basis. I used too, but I left them in MS, kinda on accident, but oh well. I have to find a few to get that will be my favorite cup!
Coffee is what keeps me going most the day! If you ever come stay the night at my house let me set you some ground rules...don't talk to me till I have had my cup of coffee, had a shower or have my makeup at least done. After that.. your good! :)
What I really want is a Kurig coffee maker! I can make my own coffee, one cup at a time! Anyone have one?? I used one when I worked at the girls home and LOVED it!
A few weeks ago I got a Snickers Frappe at Starbucks! That was SOOOO yummy! I need a Starbucks fixes really bad right now...oh well...If you ever want to send me coffee, a mug, or a Starbucks gift card, you can donate to the Joanna Coffee Fund! (TOTALLY kidding!) 

well, from one Coffee lover to another.....Lets get a coffee together someday!

If your new to the blog I hope you will stay around!!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Peace for the Moment!

I want to start this post out this morning with a song lyrics!

Help Me Find It
By: Sidewalk Prophets

I don't know where to go from here 
It all used to seem so clear 
I'm finding I can't do this on my own 

I don't know where to go from here 
As long as I know that You are near 
I'm done fighting 
I'm finally letting go 

I will trust in You 
You've never failed before 
I will trust in You 

If there's a road I should walk 
Help me find it 
If I need to be still 
Give me peace for the moment 
Whatever Your will 
Whatever Your will 
Can You help me find it 

Can You help me find it 

I'm giving You fear and You give faith 
I giving You doubt
You give me grace 
For every step I've never been alone 

Even when it hurts, You'll have Your way 
Even in the valley I will say 
With every breath 
You've never let me go 

I will wait for You 
You've never failed before 
I will wait for You 

This song has been so powerful in my life the last few weeks! I have had allot going on! I hope some day, here even soon, I can share it all with you guys! But right now, its a work in progress, and I cant wait to see what God is going to do!

But, I do have allot I can share, and I want to! I have had a burden on my heart for some time know to change things here on this blog! Maybe that's why I have not been good at keeping up with blogging and all.
Well, that change is starting now! I am going to start sharing more of me, and what I have been doing and going thru in life. And thats going to mean that I will share about my faith and all that. I am sorry if anyone has trouble with that! I would hate to loose you as a follower, but I need to share the things that are on my heart!
That being we go! :)

The Lord has been doing allot of crazy things in my life! They actually started last year when I moved to MS. But I dont think I ever relized that till just this past week! Thats when the crazy things started to really appear for me.
I guess you would say God started to change my heart, and He started me down a path that I am so excited to see what He does with!
Last Sunday I went to a church that blessed my heart so much! I have actually been there one other time! I told my Aunt at the start of service that If I would not be coming alone (all my family goes to another church except when they visit this one) I would go to that church. By the end of the service I felt the Lord telling me that was an excuse! I decided to start going to that church even if I would be alone!

I am learning to let go and leave it there. So often I tell God that He can handle things and have control of them. But when I walk away, I take it with me!
I am learning I MUST leave things in His hands and NOT walk away with them! Its hard, oh so very hard, but a must in life!

Well, I'll close for now!
Y'all are awsome!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The last few day's I have been thinking on allot of things! Sometimes that gets me in trouble!

I have been thinking about what I am doing in life, where I want to be, and all that.

Thursday of last week I enrolled in Collage at a community collage in El Reno. I feel like this is one step for me to feel like I am doing something in my life! Im not just working 8 to 5, going home and just being me. I can impact more people.
A friend posted a link to a really cool artical on facebook today, I found this part out of it to be so true!

"All of our decisions matter, even the little ones. Every second matters. We’re always moving toward something and away from something. That doesn’t mean that we should stress out about everything, but it does mean that we should be thoughtful about how we spend our time—and after being thoughtful, we must make actual changes in our lives. Do you want to be healthier? OK, start exercising and eliminate unhealthy food. Do you want to read great literature? OK, actually read great literature instead of tabbing infinitely between Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. Do you want to be a good writer? OK, actually try writing something. Hey—that’s what I’m doing now!"

So my small things I do in life, matter for who, and what I will be later! I think we miss that allot these days! We dont relize what small foolish things can and will effect our lives!
On facebook yesterday there is a Buy Sell Trade page I follow for my area. I love the page and use it allot! Well yesterday was drama day on there! I did not see allot of it since I was at work, but some of what I did see, and the people who got banned from the page, it all made me sick! They where trying to be funny, and yet, those small actions can change there lives! And they think its just facebook!
As the quote say's dont stress about it. Thats my issue, I stress about what im doing next WAY to much! I have decided that I think my life needs some changes! Im still working on them, I'll get back to you when I get these changes figured out!

Im linking up with these two amazing ladies! If your over from:

Mingle 240


Virtual Coffee 



Friday, July 5, 2013

4th Of July Fun!

It's Friday Y'all!

I am majorly happy!
I had 4th of July off and spent it with my friend Katie as my family has been on vacation in Branson!

Here are a few pictures! There from my phone so there small..sorry!

Katie and I ready for the day!

This movie was amazing! Great actors (of course cause Channing Tatum was in it!) and great story line! This one will go into my collection when it comes out!

Happy 4th Y'all!

Joining in on this swap:

So excited!


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