Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Its a LONG week..wait..its Tuesday!

Good Morning!

I am wide awake and I have no clue how I am still keeping my eyes open! Its been a crazy busy week and im only on Tuesday! LOL!
I have been in the dorm since Sunday night and have been trying to keep up with 9 crazy amazing lovible girls! Its been fun but im wooped!

I made a yummy breakfast for everyone today so maybe thats why I am doing ok!

I say this allot but I really am gonna do it this time! I am going to do better at blogging! I promise! Not just for the few readers I have ( if anyone does still read my blog! ) but for me, so I can look back and see whats going on!

Here are a few pictures to make me smile today!

My niece Rayden and me! When I was up there in May!

My sister Jerusha! My family was here over the weekend to bring all my stuff down! Miss her!

From May, my sister Kelsey , Me and Rayden

Miss these girlfriends from Oklahoma!


Look how much she has grown up! Thats my girl!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lighthouse Childrens Home...My Home!

Hey Friends!

I am finaly getting on my blog again and I have pictures for you! So get ready!
But first let me tell you a story, this is a story of and Iphone and its swimming adventure!

Yep, thats me! The girl who jumped into the pool with the girls yesterday with her Iphone still in her pocket!
Its a gonner :( Thankfully my insure makes it cheaper! I called them ASAP yesterday and my new phone will be in my hands tonight!
I do need some suggestions...I am getting a case to protect it like Otter Box or something! What do Y'all recogmend??

Ok, on to pictues!
I had mentioned this before but will do it again! These pictures will be of me and the home and my place and all but sadly none of the girl :( Some of the girls are protected by the state here so I cant share names or pictures.

My Room!

One of the classroom Hermit Crabs!

Another angle of my room!

All three classroom crabs!

Jewelry Holder - Outside

Jewelry Hanger - Inside!

Reading Nook!

Were I work and live!

Hermit Crab!


Monday, July 9, 2012


I am typing this blog post from from a little town in Mississippi called West!

I am really enjoying myself here and love the girls! I cant tell you all much about them or share pictures of the girls to you sadly. Some of the girls are in bad situatons and we dont want someone finding out there here if there not suppost to now!

Ive been here for over a week now and FINALLY feel like I have a hang of some things!
We spent 4th of July helping in Leans MS with there party there! It was a ton of fun! The fireworks were amazing!
This week finally starts somewhat of a shedual! I am glad for that! I am in the dorm Monday and Tuesday! I also teach Bible Class from 9:30 to 10:00!
I am living in a double wide trailer with another single girl! I love it! I only braught some of my stuff down for now so I am settling in best I can untill I can make a trip back to Oklahoma and get the rest of my stuff! I hope to be able to do that in August!

Well, I am going to close for now! I am in the schoolroom and the girls will be back for there next thing any time now! Ill be back later with more stuff and catch yall up on my life!


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