Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lighthouse Childrens Home...My Home!

Hey Friends!

I am finaly getting on my blog again and I have pictures for you! So get ready!
But first let me tell you a story, this is a story of and Iphone and its swimming adventure!

Yep, thats me! The girl who jumped into the pool with the girls yesterday with her Iphone still in her pocket!
Its a gonner :( Thankfully my insure makes it cheaper! I called them ASAP yesterday and my new phone will be in my hands tonight!
I do need some suggestions...I am getting a case to protect it like Otter Box or something! What do Y'all recogmend??

Ok, on to pictues!
I had mentioned this before but will do it again! These pictures will be of me and the home and my place and all but sadly none of the girl :( Some of the girls are protected by the state here so I cant share names or pictures.

My Room!

One of the classroom Hermit Crabs!

Another angle of my room!

All three classroom crabs!

Jewelry Holder - Outside

Jewelry Hanger - Inside!

Reading Nook!

Were I work and live!

Hermit Crab!



Tricia said...

I have an Otter Box because I drop my phone ALLLLLLL THE TIME. Totally worth the 20-30 dollars!

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