Monday, August 31, 2009

Deep Thoughts!

So...after I get this post off my shoulders...Ill post what I really wanted to tomorrow!
So..tonight I went to town...I drove there alone, i ate supper alone, I went to Wal-Mart alone,and drove home alone!
Dont get me wrong! I really am content in Him, but I am still very much I still struggle with it!
So as I was pondering all this on my way home, I was flipping through the radio station and just happend upon KLOV! This is my totally fav station that I have not been able to find around was all God leading me to that! All the way home songs were sung that I really needed to hear, and really lifted my spirit!
He is so good and loves me so much! And He shows it in simple small ways like a radio station!
So this was what was on my mind..I could not shake had to blog it!
Ill blog all the fun and exciting things from this past weekend tomorrow!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Its Gonna Have To Be God!

This is a song by Karen Peck and New Rivers! One of my new Favorite Southern Gospel Artist! This song has a TON of amazing thoughts in it...Ill share mine after you read it!
Its Gonna Have To Be God
How do I climb this mountain when I cant even stand?
How do i cross this river when I cant see dry land?
Though it all seems so impossible to me,
I've been here before thats why I believe.
God's got a solution before I even pray,
Sees the end from the beginning and somehow makes a way.
And the only hope I have is in His hands.
So Im holding to His promises, trusting in His plan.
Nobody else can handle,
What Im going through.
Sometimes only a miracle will do!
It's Gonna have to be God,
To get me through this trial.
Carry me another mile as I journey on.
Its gonna have to be God.
'Cause Im all out of options,
All I have are questions and my strength is gone.
For what I need,Its gonna have to be God!
This song has ment so much to my life! Everytime I hear it come on the radio, I stop whatever I am doing and sing along! Some times I just close my eyes and listen!
I have been through some really big trials in my life...the first verse of this song sum's me up allot! But you now..this song is allso very true that I/we can make it through! But not on our own strength! So many times I try and do it alone, but I have to come back to the one main person who makes eveything in my life work! When I forget Him is when I cant make it through these trials He brings my way!
He brings them big, because He knows that with His help I can make it through. Without it...I wont!
This song is my song right now...and now why!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Thrift Store Finds!

These are the pajama pants I found! I LOVE them!

Frogs that I found for a birthday present!

These are Christmas Ordiments..they are so cute!

3 little boy shirts I found for the shower!

Are they not just adorible?

I found these today and just HAD to add them! those are my Thrift Store finds! Im starting to love thrift stores!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Will It be the same walk in 3 years?

So, I take a walk every night. I start at my place and walk all the way up and around the dinning hall , past the grade school and walk the bord walk through the Historical area ( that bord walk takes me right to my front door) and home!
You see, the ranch signed a 3 year contract with French Camp Academy (FCA), and IF the Lord would move the Ranch on after that ( we dont think that would happen) there is no one saying I would be going anywere with them.
So I was walking the bord walk the other night and a thought poped into my head " What if I am still walking this same bord walk, the same way, the same single status in 3 years?"
That got me down and depressed for a few days. I dont want to be still doing this alone in 3 years, and thoughts like that flew through my mind! And than..The Lord reminded me, ever so gently, of this amazing verse and promis He gave me:
" For I know the plans I have for you ,
this is the Lord's declaration,
plans for your welfar and not for disaster,
to give you a future and a hope!"
- Jeremiah 29:11-
So, you now what? If I am still walking that bord walk, the same way, the same single status, in 3 years, than thats ok, because it was His plan for my AMAZING life He has for me!
How nice it is to walk that bord walk with a smile on my face, and a spring in my step!
I belive with all my heart the Lord moving me from ALERT was one of the best things He could have done for me! He took me from a place were there was no issue' s of having to worry about never finding an amazing guy ( there were tons of godly young men who came through all the time) to a place were the saying of every staff member to single staff who come on " If you came here to find a marrage partner better stay away!"
It has given me the confidance that even in the "dry" place He can do miracles " IN HIS TIME!"
For now, I sit in a single state, that I am learning to love, and love with all my heart! Your prayers for me in this area are coveted! <3

Monday, August 24, 2009

Thrift Store Shopping and Why I hate Mondays!

Ok, so yes, the title is a bit ... umm.. weird..but hold on as I explan!
To start with " Why I hate Mondays"!
Monday is trash pick up day! Everyone puts there county trash cans by the drive way and the truck comes and gets it! To start the not so fun..I pull the stinking sitting for a week trash cans down the drive..when both ( we have 2 at the B and B ) are down there I smell like trash!
Of course, everyone else has there stinking trash cans out there as for about a day after the truck dumps them, werever you go..I smell like trash! And bad enough to make you want to puke! Its not fun! And when its hot out it just makes matters worse!
Ive tossed around the idea of just carring Febreez with me wereever I go! :)
On to nicer things! "Thrift Store Shopping!" all need to now one thing...I NEVER FIND ANYTHING AT THRIFT STORES!
So since we have one here at French Camp that supports the school, and my mom is the manager of it now..I have been helping more over there!
Since I have been working there I have found ALLOT of nice stuff! I have gotten several pairs of jeans, t-shirts and trinkets!
Today I ran across some adorible boy baby cloths and picked them up! We have a baby shower for Joy Martin ( one of the dorm parents) here soon and they will be great gifts! I will try and get some pix of my Thrift store finds and post them :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

You are beautifull....and concert fun!

I'll start out with the stuff I have been meditating on the past few days!
So, since I made the choice to try again at using my "alone time" I decided to meditate on a book of the Bible, and I am doing Song Of Songs!
I really like this book, yet so often it can be this one may take a while to work through but thats ok..I shall understand it in the end!
The one verse that has held me captive the last few day is this"
" How beautiful you are ,
my darling.
How very beautiful!
Your eyes are like doves!"
- Song of Songs 1:15 -
This is an amzing scripture! He is showing me just how much He loves me! I have written this down several times and have it hanging all over my room!
The fun thing is , I dont need another guy to say this to me, the one guy that really matters and counts has allready! And you now.. He said it SOOO many years ago..and it still hold true today! How often do you find that? NEVER! now for the rest of my post!
We went to an AMAZING southern Gospel concert last night! WFCA ( the radio station here at french camp) hosted it so we all got in for free! They had The Hoopers there as well as my personal favorit Karen Pack and New Rivers! I was able to get signetures and everything! I wanted to scan the pages so you all can see them, but the scanner is not they will come later!
They sang some of my favorite songs! You would not belive how young David White looks yet when Karen introduced him she said he is 27 and has 2 kids! When I went to get his signature there was like a table btween us and he looked allot younger than that! LOL!
As you can comment box is FINALLY WORKING! Thank you Sara!
So folks..leave comments PLEASE!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

So...I blew it again!

So I was reading a friends blog and one of the post she made really made me think. She was talking about her love story, that she did not have a boyfriend, but she had a love story with the Lord! I have allways known that consept , and have sorta taken it myself, but it touched me in a diffrent way this time.
I have been asking God since I moved here to Mississippi why I have to be alone all the time! I dont have anyone else living with me...there are 3 people that are single staff here around my age and there all teachers so there life is allot diffrent than mine. I dont get a ton of people interaction except for meal times! And than of course there is allways the struggle of being content when your single. After reading this blog post the Lord spoke to me about why He had me being alone! This was the time He wanted me to get to now Him more! When I dont have the distractions of people in the next room, lost of people my age asking me to do thing, a boyfriend and so on, I have more time to be quite and just listen to Him! Down here at the Bed and Breakfast it is very quite. We are near the Trace but far enough away you dont hear the traffic! I just got done weeding the flower beds and we got the fountain working and it makes such a pritty noise! Why not use all these amazing things to just listen to Him?!!! I have not done as good with all this as I should have, I am not totally in love with Him, so now I see why I am alone in that sence of the word! Now its time to step up to, take controll, and make that choice to love Him and just listen!
Who will step up and stand with me?
P.s I have a friend who is working on trying to get my comment box fixed :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flowers..The Sunshine of Life!

Ok. So I have a love for flowers! And a love for taking pictures of them! They make me smile! There allways so up every mornint, have wonderfull color, and even great smell!
But one thing is very true..when you dont water and care for them..they die. Flowers are not easy keepers..but I love them!
When I first came to the Bed and Breakfast the flowers on the front porch were in need of allot of TLC so i went and gave it to them!
Here are a few pictures of how they are doing!
I have edited a few of these!

And here are a few pictures of some kids I love to death ( my cousins kids)

Zack Sterrett

Cady Sterrett

Monday, August 17, 2009

Visiting Elvis Presely!

The House were he was born.

Me, by the water!

Yep! I got a pix with elvis!

him at 13!

Love Story

We were both young when I first saw you
I close my eyesAnd the flashback startsI'm standing there
On a balcony in summer air
See the lightsSee the party, the ball gowns
I see you make your way through the crowdAnd say hello,
little did I know
That you were Romeo, you were throwing pebbles
And my daddy said stay away from Juliet
And I was crying on the staircaseBegging you please don't go,
and I said
Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone
I'll be waiting all there's left to do is run
You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess
It's a love story baby just say yes
So I sneak out to the garden to see you
We keep quiet 'cause we're dead if they knew
So close your eyes
Escape this town for a little while
'Cause you were Romeo, I was a scarlet letter
And my daddy said stay away from Juliet
But you were everything to me
I was begging you please don't go
and I said
Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone
I'll be waiting all there's left to do is run
You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess
It's a love story baby just say yes
Romeo save me, they try to tell me how to feel
This love is difficult, but it's real
Don't be afraid, we'll make it out of this mess
It's a love story baby just say yes
Oh ohI got tired of waiting
Wondering if you were ever coming around
My faith in you is fading
When I met you on the outskirts of town,
and I said
Romeo save me I've been feeling so alone
I keep waiting for you but you never come
Is this in my head?
I don't know what to think
He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring
And said, marry me Juliet
You'll never have to be alone
I love you and that's all I really know
I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress
It's a love story baby just say yes I LOVE this song! Its totally one of the best I have heard this year...well...none Contemporary Christian that is ( Casting Crowns beats it there :) )
So today..if your reading this..and you have a love story..Post it on your blog!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I was told to write about here it goes! friend read my blog and said I needed to keep on blogging..she loved hearing about me is a post of allot of nothingness except my crazy life and the thought going through my head ( yes sara..this is for you!)

So today I walked up to the corner and got a snow cone (again!)! My first one I was a Pinya Calata ( or however you spell it!) the next time it was Wedding Cake flaver....hated that today I was going to get my fav again..untill I tryed Blue Egal! So needless to mouth is VERY blue right now! I intende to get a pix of one some time and post it..but by the time i make it back to the house..its allmost gone :)

So today I was thinking(not allways a good thing for me) thing i hate in change...and guess what?? Change fallows me all around! I moved twice in a year and half...friends get married...friends move job changes 6 times in just that year and half!
It takes allot to admitt that the thing you hate the your life! But I admitt it...its true! I think it sences that I dont like it..and it comes to me..Kinda like how cats can tell who likes them and who does not..and who do they go to...the once who hate them!

I guess I think on all this a little to much! Its a good thing that someone invented a blog so I could ramble on and on and continou to bore you all! I am trying to figure out how to fix my comment box so you all can tell me to shut up!

Man..I was reading over all I had written..I sounds like somthing of the tv show Sex and The City! LOL!

Well...Im done talking now...Shuting up! :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Casting Crowns Concert June 2009

Hi all!
Ok, these are pictures from the Casting Crowns concert I went to with Michelle,Tim,and my sister Kelsey in Pa back in June!
It was an amazing time! The Lord knew I needed it right when it came! The songs thay sang were once I really needed at that time! The Lord has really given this band an amazing talent and has really blest them! Cant wait to hear them again in Jackson Ms December 5th!
My Little Sister Kelsey!


Mark Hall

Another good shot! We had AMAZING seats!

Before Everuthing started!

Me and my sis Kelsey!

Monday, August 10, 2009

It Just Made My Day!

So yesteday before I walked out of my Sunday School class room Daycia, one of the new students who works with me, walks in and gives me a hug! It was TOTALLY randum and not expexted! Its awsome to now that Im making a diffrence in somone's life who has not known me for more than 4 days! She is a sweet girl, seems to come from some what of a ruff background! All she is looking for is love, I am humbled that she has chosen me!
It made me sit back and think! Im making a diffrence and I can see it now! When I was working housekeeping in Texas I really felt like God had made a mistake in putting me in there..but now..I can see how being there was preparing me for this today! What an awsome God we serve!
This is a song Lyrics that has been on my mind the past few weeks!
What This World Needs
By: Casting Crowns

What this world needs is not another one hit wonder with an axe to grind
Another two bit politician peddling lies
Another three ring circus society
What this world needs is not another sign waving super saint that's better than you
Another ear pleasing candy man afraid of the truth
Another prophet in an Armani suit
What this world needs is a Savior who will rescue
A Spirit who will lead
A Father who will love them in their time of need
A Savior who will rescue
A Spirit who will lead
A Father who will love
That's what this world needs
What this world needs is for us to care more about the inside than the outside
Have we become so blind that we can't see
God's gotta change her heart before He changes her shirt
What this world needs is for us to stop hiding behind our relevance
Blending in so well that people can't see the difference
And it's the difference that sets the world free
Jesus is our Savior, that's what this world needs
Father's arms around you, that's what this world needs
That's what this world needs

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Love Photpgraphy!

Ok..So I really love photography and when I was back in Pa for a vistite in May I took 2 friends out to the fields and we did a photoshoot! These are a few shots! Hope you enjoy them! Tell me what ya think!

This is Michelle Hungerford! I told her she needs to be a model!

Michelle and Another good friend of mine Ceil Wissert!

Sigh...and to end this favorit picture:)

Night All! :)

Sunday School Class

Well...I am getting ready for my first day as Sunday School Class teacher to the 10th grade girls!
I have muffins in the oven..mmmm..I can smell them now! Also taking Pop-Tarts and juice....I allways loved it when my teacher had food for us in the morning!
My class is going to be talking about being a Princess of the King! I am really excited about sharing this stuff the Lord has laid on my heart!
In other news!
Graduation last night for the CAMP second year students was great! I will post pix later!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I was Inspired!

Dear Readers:

I was inspired by some other blog site's that I have been reading to start my own! I have a facebook but I think this is a good thing for me to do as well!

So for all who dont really now whats going on in my life! I am now living in French Camp, Mississippi! I live and work at The French Camp Academy! It is a school for students from troubled homes! I work in the Historical District in the Bed and Breakfast wich is a stalite ministry of FCA! I do breakfast in the mornings for guest, clean rooms, working on the flower garden and so much more!

We have 5 girl students who come and do work program with us from 3:30 to 5:00 every afternoon! I work with 2 of them, Heather and Daysha! They are very sweet girls and just want love! Daysha is a really hard worker and is amazing! The other day I sent her into the Victorian Suite to vacuum and she picked the arial rug up of the floor and vacuumed under it! That is amazing for a 13 year old!

The other day I was blessed to have the privalage to be on the radio here at French Camp! I enjoyed in allot and it was not so bad being live! You all should check out are radio station that plays amazing and the best southern gospel music

This is one of the rooms in the Bed and Breakfast...Ed's Room...Sleeps 2!

This is Sallie's Room...sleeps 2!

Well..I shall end for now! Thank you all for reading! :)

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