Thursday, August 20, 2009

So...I blew it again!

So I was reading a friends blog and one of the post she made really made me think. She was talking about her love story, that she did not have a boyfriend, but she had a love story with the Lord! I have allways known that consept , and have sorta taken it myself, but it touched me in a diffrent way this time.
I have been asking God since I moved here to Mississippi why I have to be alone all the time! I dont have anyone else living with me...there are 3 people that are single staff here around my age and there all teachers so there life is allot diffrent than mine. I dont get a ton of people interaction except for meal times! And than of course there is allways the struggle of being content when your single. After reading this blog post the Lord spoke to me about why He had me being alone! This was the time He wanted me to get to now Him more! When I dont have the distractions of people in the next room, lost of people my age asking me to do thing, a boyfriend and so on, I have more time to be quite and just listen to Him! Down here at the Bed and Breakfast it is very quite. We are near the Trace but far enough away you dont hear the traffic! I just got done weeding the flower beds and we got the fountain working and it makes such a pritty noise! Why not use all these amazing things to just listen to Him?!!! I have not done as good with all this as I should have, I am not totally in love with Him, so now I see why I am alone in that sence of the word! Now its time to step up to, take controll, and make that choice to love Him and just listen!
Who will step up and stand with me?
P.s I have a friend who is working on trying to get my comment box fixed :)


Sara said...

Joanna, girl. Keep on smiling! I praise the Lord for you. God is good to draw us always nearer to Himself during our loneliest moments if we allow Him too. And I know that's your heart, so steady on! Love you! <3

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