Monday, August 31, 2009

Deep Thoughts!

So...after I get this post off my shoulders...Ill post what I really wanted to tomorrow!
So..tonight I went to town...I drove there alone, i ate supper alone, I went to Wal-Mart alone,and drove home alone!
Dont get me wrong! I really am content in Him, but I am still very much I still struggle with it!
So as I was pondering all this on my way home, I was flipping through the radio station and just happend upon KLOV! This is my totally fav station that I have not been able to find around was all God leading me to that! All the way home songs were sung that I really needed to hear, and really lifted my spirit!
He is so good and loves me so much! And He shows it in simple small ways like a radio station!
So this was what was on my mind..I could not shake had to blog it!
Ill blog all the fun and exciting things from this past weekend tomorrow!


Sara said...

Aww...Joanna. How perfectly timed. Thanks for sharing and being real! I was just meditating this morning on "fearing the Lord and His goodness." (Hos.5) God is SO good to encourage us in times like that! <3

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