Sunday, August 23, 2009

You are beautifull....and concert fun!

I'll start out with the stuff I have been meditating on the past few days!
So, since I made the choice to try again at using my "alone time" I decided to meditate on a book of the Bible, and I am doing Song Of Songs!
I really like this book, yet so often it can be this one may take a while to work through but thats ok..I shall understand it in the end!
The one verse that has held me captive the last few day is this"
" How beautiful you are ,
my darling.
How very beautiful!
Your eyes are like doves!"
- Song of Songs 1:15 -
This is an amzing scripture! He is showing me just how much He loves me! I have written this down several times and have it hanging all over my room!
The fun thing is , I dont need another guy to say this to me, the one guy that really matters and counts has allready! And you now.. He said it SOOO many years ago..and it still hold true today! How often do you find that? NEVER! now for the rest of my post!
We went to an AMAZING southern Gospel concert last night! WFCA ( the radio station here at french camp) hosted it so we all got in for free! They had The Hoopers there as well as my personal favorit Karen Pack and New Rivers! I was able to get signetures and everything! I wanted to scan the pages so you all can see them, but the scanner is not they will come later!
They sang some of my favorite songs! You would not belive how young David White looks yet when Karen introduced him she said he is 27 and has 2 kids! When I went to get his signature there was like a table btween us and he looked allot younger than that! LOL!
As you can comment box is FINALLY WORKING! Thank you Sara!
So folks..leave comments PLEASE!


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