Monday, September 24, 2012


The past few days here in Mississippi it has been COLD! 45 at night and the high has been 77!( today its gonna be 88 but that does not count! )

I got 2 Mums for my front porch and I have a very cute wreath! I am getting pumpkins this weekend and I CANNOT WAIT!!!! ( Note this did not post when I wanted it too, internet again, so I have my pumpkins, pictures coming soon!)

So in the spirit of fall and the fact that I cant wait to get my pumpkins, let me show you what im pinning on my fall board!!

Monday, September 17, 2012


Yes, I have been very quiet. And for that I am sorry!

I could use the excuse that It has been busy around here, that our internet has not been working, and that I started teaching 2 weeks ago and am up to my elbows in Literature and Spelling! And all those things would be true! But that is not a good reason!

I guess for me I have sorta lost myself. I started blogging for me! Because it looked fun, and I enjoyed writing things, and posting pictures, and linking up with things.
And I loved looking back on my post and stuff. 
But than I ment amazing people on the blogging world, and no, that was and is a good thing, but I guess I took it to far!
I started to not get a ton of comments, and people started unfollowing me. And I started taking it to heart.

But I am finding myself again. Finding why I loved blogging!
So I  am back!
I am busy with teaching, and our internet has been rough, but when that does not hinder me I will be blogging allot more.
And even if I have no more followers, and no one comments, I am going to blog for me!

Ok...I am done! Keep an eye out for some good blog post to come!


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