Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wishfull Wensday..yayaya!

Lets start this Wensday post out with:

"I wish I had FOREVER 21 as my personal closet and could shop from it daily!"

I love this place! As of yet, I have not had the money to buy anything from there..but if I could have it all..these would be a few of my styles!

Go on over and link up! Its fun!

I got are tickets orders for Eclips on Saturday at 4:30pm!

I cant wait to go see it! Its the only thing thats keeping me alive this week!
I cant belive its ONLY Wensday! This week has gone by SOOO STINKIN SLOW! I tell ya! Anyone else feel that way??? Dont tell me im the only one going insane!!!

Ok..Im in love with Pandora!I love how I can put whatever kind of music in it..and I can listen to what I want! Its a radio centered around me! LOL! You only get 40hrs free..but when I walk away from my desk I pause it, so I dont use all my time!
What do you like to listen to your music from??

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I have found that I am just as bad at blogging as I am at journaling! I am very sorry that my post have been very few and far in between!
So..why the title Journaling..well..As I said I am not very good at Journaling..but I decided this last week that I would get better at it! And ya now what?? I AM!!

I find that when I journal I must do a few things to keep me excited about it!
One...I LOVE journals that are so full when you look at them! There filled with TONS of extra stuff...that makes me smile!

Two.. A journal that is down right cute to start with! I love journals that have personality to them when there in the store! They just jump off the shelf at me!

Three...How I journal on the inside! I tend to be a "plain" journaler! I write my everyday every day pen, in every day handwriting..I want to expand..break out...Journal something like this

All Photo's above taken from weheartit

Here are a few journals I found at some stores that I would LOVE to get!

If anyone does a giveaway and there is a journal sure to let me now :)

Do you journal? What kind of journaler are you?

Bloggy question: Everytime I load my photos on I have to go to the top and drag them were I want them..its allways messing up my post! Am I doing it wrong?? Or what are some other tips??

UPDATE: Wanna win a blog makeover???
Check out THIS BLOG!\
She is doing a really cool one!

Monday, June 28, 2010


This post is gonna be allot of nothings..that may be allot of somethings! :) LOL!
First off...MY WEEKEND!

My dear friend Sarah and I went out to eat Friday night for her week late birthday dinner!
This was dessert....its called a Chocolate Volcano! Yummyness!
Later on at WalMart that night Sarah got me a bag of these!
They are SOOOO yummy :)

I stayed the night at Sarah's and we had some great girls time!

We watched this movie

It was ok...I got lost alot in the plot and really did not enjoy it all THAT I was ok...
The next morning we got up and made a yummy breakfast

In other news....I am very excited about this Saterday..and not just cause its a weekend..but...Im going to go see this movie with some friends

I really wanted to go see the midnight showing..but its kinda stupid for me to do when I have work..soo..i decided to act like an adult (bummer) and were going to go Saturday!

I am also very excited about this movie coming out!
It comes out 4 days after my birthday! Im hoping we can go right out and see it!
Anyone else out there Narnia or Twilight Fans?

Friday, June 25, 2010

ITS FRIDAY...and a Givaway!

Its Friday!My friend Sarah's birthday was last Saturday and we going out to supper tonight..yes..a week later..thats how crazy are lives are!
Hoping to just relax and chill on wooped and just need some down time!
So, I was craving Sun Tea the other day and my mom did some up, since then we have down 2 gallons of it!

It is so yummy! I have my water bottle full of Peach Sun tea right now and am drinking it here at my desk at the office! Always brightens my day!

What is everyonce plans for the weekend?
Now...Stephanie over at The Mrs. is doing a giveaway!
I LOVE this giveaway..why..well..My mom sells Mary Kay and I have allways loved it..and Stephanie is giving away some Mary Kay!

Brand new - limited time offer item -- a Coconut Lime lotion/shower gel/body spray set, with a cute little bag included!
My mom showed me this the other day and I wanted to try it SOOO bad! is how it works..go on over and enter this amazing giveaway HERE!
And when you sure to mention that you found the giveaway threw my blog!
Y'all DO NOT want to miss out on this one :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Top Two..Reality TV

Top 2 Reality TV shows you would be on... these are once I LOVE to watch..and would not mind being on!

1. Biggest Looser/Loosing It With Jillian!

I put both these together cause there sorta the same thing!
I love both these shows! They have inspired me so much!! Cant wait for Season 10 of Biggest Looser..and Loosing it with Jillan comes on every Tue night! I cant wait!

2. The Apprentice

This is a new one for me..started watching the Celebrity one and im hooked now :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Favorite Fridays..Welcome Friends!


Favorite FridaysThis weeks Favorite Fridays topic is:
Pop Star!
Well..I had to pick 3 and even that was hard....and yes....2 of them are Christian and one of them is died...but..these are who I picked!! Robert Pierre This kid is amazing! Allot of you have heard my story how I got to talk with him at Winter Jam ( thats were this picture is from!) He has such a sweet spirit on him..and amazing music!

Mark Hall He is a dad, a youth pastor, and lead singer in one of the top Christan bands around! (Casting Crowns) This man is amazing! Living for the Lord, someone I want to be like!

Elvis Presley
Not only is his music amazing, his house amazing,but he is just plain cool!
yes he is died..but he is still awsome!

I also want to welcome any new friends to my blog today from:
The Girl Creative



Just commenting, stopping in, or following I am so excited you are here! Please make your self at home! I love meeting new bloggy friends! :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back from being MIA....Charlsten - Campsite

Yes...I have been MIA! Vacation was crazy, then work started! So here are the first of many vacation post! With lots of pictures! Hope y'all enjoy!

Sunset..the view from our campsite!

Yummy corn on the cob we cooked in the grill!

Some more yummy food cooked on the grill!

This chicken was amazing!!

Our campsite..with the camper in it :)

This trail was a blast!!

My Best Friend Jennifer ( went on the trip with her and her parents)

Sigh....its so relaxing :)

Another view from are campsite.

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