Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I have found that I am just as bad at blogging as I am at journaling! I am very sorry that my post have been very few and far in between!
So..why the title Journaling..well..As I said I am not very good at Journaling..but I decided this last week that I would get better at it! And ya now what?? I AM!!

I find that when I journal I must do a few things to keep me excited about it!
One...I LOVE journals that are so full when you look at them! There filled with TONS of extra stuff...that makes me smile!

Two.. A journal that is down right cute to start with! I love journals that have personality to them when there in the store! They just jump off the shelf at me!

Three...How I journal on the inside! I tend to be a "plain" journaler! I write my everyday stuff..in every day pen, in every day handwriting..I want to expand..break out...Journal something like this

All Photo's above taken from weheartit

Here are a few journals I found at some stores that I would LOVE to get!

If anyone does a giveaway and there is a journal involved...be sure to let me now :)

Do you journal? What kind of journaler are you?

Bloggy question: Everytime I load my photos on I have to go to the top and drag them were I want them..its allways messing up my post! Am I doing it wrong?? Or what are some other tips??

UPDATE: Wanna win a blog makeover???
Check out THIS BLOG!\
She is doing a really cool one!


Stephanie said...

thanks for following and for blogging/adding our button! you're so sweet =) hope you're having a great week!

OceanDreams said...

I love to journal and art journaling makes it even more fun! I love the examples you posted and you should totally do it! :)

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