Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Love!

My weekend was amazing!
Hope yours was to!Here is a little of what I did :)

Went out with 3 really cool friends ( happened to be all guys so I was the only girl..story of my life!) to see Prince of Persia!

This movie is amazing! Its got all the drama and war in it, yet it has its romance twisted in! I was VERY happy with it! GO SEE IT!
Saturday:Well..This day was spent cleaning the house and such!! ( I know Boring!)

Sunday:Ya..the same!

Went on a photo shoot walk with my friend Sarah!

Then I got to hang out with my friend Jon Jon and we shot a few randum pictures..this is one of them!
This pictures shows you a small bit of an album I want to shoot..something about bad kids turning good..yes this is me..and I feel really weird..cause its so not me :)

Well..That all for now..Ill have more to tell y'all about tomorrow :)



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