Friday, May 28, 2010


Its Friday! So excited!
Going out to see the movie tonight ( Prince of Persia that is!)

Well...Its that time! Yep...Its time for:


This week has not been to bad and I don't have much to fume about..but..I do have one thing!
Hackers on facebook get to me!
Come on..what do you do with your life..sit there and try to hack my account?? I have been hacked once..and they put a really nasty status up..thankfully found out right away and only 5 friends ever saw the status!
But recently everyone is getting hacked by that virus that puts video's on your friends walls! I got 6 of them on mine yesterday! I am so sick of deleting them! Gahh.....
A note to the hacker if they are reading this:
Dear Hackers:
Please get a life! I have my life and really don't need you complicating it!
If you have to much time on your hands...please come to Mississippi and I will give you some of my job!
Thank You!

Go on over and link up at Neely's!

Ok...A few little things that I LOVE and cant believe I have lived without them/or am living without them!!

Love these Pans! There non-stick, life time warranty, Pampered Chef Pans!

And I love these cups! There Dots Wear Pampered Chef Entertainment!

I LOVE Pampered Chef...I'm a bit on the biased side since I sell it..but..I have loved it LONG before that!

Well..Since it is Friday I am also linking up to:

New Friend Friday!

The Girl Creative


Follow Me Friday!





Welcome all new Friends, Readers, Followers, and Commenters!



Kristen said...

Thanks for the comment & Following! New follower to you too!

I also LOVE Pampered Chef. I sold it for a bit, and then went back to school and didn't have time. Then I sold it again last summer, and did really well...I just kind of let it fizzle. I still love the products though!

Steph said...

I love Pampered Chef, especially the stoneware! Don't know what I'd do without it!

I'm stopping by from "Follow Me Fridays" and am now following you! Hope you'll take

time to follow me back!

Ron Cooper said...

I’m following you now on Friendly Follow Friday--No. 58! Please follow me back on my blog “Inspire!”

My latest inspirational postings are, “The Triumphant Heart,” “Pure Love,” “Peace of Mind,” and “Simple Gesture.”

Randi Fine said...

Happy Friday! Stopping by to say hi! Found you on Friday Followers. Hope you'll follow me back. Randi

Annie said...

i totally agree with you on all that FB junk! so annoying!!!
those cups are adorable! :)

i hope you have a fabulous 3 day weekend girly!!

Neely said...

As always thanks for linking up :)

Erin said...

What losers hackers are! What's the point? I love those polka dot mugs! Very cute!

I'm here from Fuming Friday

Tree said...

Happy NEW Friday Follow! I'm already following with both of my blogs, but wanted to stop by and say hi. Stop by when you get a chance!

Have a great weekend!

Tree (aka Mother of Pearl)
Mother of Pearl It Is
Mommies Faves Top Sites and Blogs

TheMrs. said...

following from following Friday!

Beth said...

New follower from New Friend Friday- please follow me back at a

Happy Friday!!

We 2 Bees said...

Coming over from New Friend Friday!

Very cute blog! I awesome Pampered Chef stuff! I have a ton of it and seem to keep getting more!

Alisha said...

Hey there! Cute blog! Visiting from New Friend Friday =)

CourtneyKeb said...

I want those pots and pans! BAAAD!

Krissy said...

Following from Follow Me Friday. :) I hope you can visit and follow me as well!! Have a great weekend!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I couldn't agree more, why do people waste their time. My pet peeve right now is on Facebook all the Farmville updates. Shouldn't they be working!

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

Hi, thanks so much for flying with us on Friday Follow! I'm following you now. Love your blog.

I'm running late but here I am.


Kristin said...

Those polka dots are too adorable!

OceanDreams said...

Glad you are learning how to cook and that stonewear looks amazing! :) Hope you had a nice weekend girl.

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