Friday, May 7, 2010

Its friday..thats the only thing good about today!

Im linking up to 3 sites again go to the bottom of this post to check them out!

Ok....its the second week of:

Fuming Fridays

My fumings today:

-ok some of you use them a love them to death. Never had a problum with them, so on and so forth. say 2 year contract have been a LIVING HELL!
I have had my bill jacked up more times then I can count, You spend all day on the phone working it out and you get NO WERE , and there prices are SO STINKIN high!
So, last night, I was unable to pay my cell bill ( thats what happend when you have a HUG bill and your on missions support and you dont have anything coming in!) so lovely AT&T shut my phone off! So now..I am without a cell phone..and will be for a while..till I get some money!
2. I am SOOO glad im not HER kid!
- So this lady I know has not been very good at correcting her kids and now there little stinkers when there in the office ( running around screaming and all that stuff) Well..She is getting sick of it and now is over compensating! She yells at them allot now! But get this..she sits behind her desk and yells at them! Across me at the main desk on the phone with a customer! GET UP AND GO TELL YOUR KID...DONT YELL! GEEZ! that I have done..I am feeling MUCH better! I am very sorry to the people who are linking up from New Friend Frinday and Follow Me Friday! But I guess you get to see the real me ! :)

WELCOME to all new readers and new followers! Cant wait to get to now you more :)

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Fuming Fridays


~SHANNON~ said...

Cute blog!I'm your newest follower, I found you through Friday follow!

I hope you will come check out my blog out as well!


Kate said...

I am totally with you on the overcompensating discpline parents. It reminds me to start off on the right foot as much as possible with my little one. :)

I'm following! Stopping by from Fuming Friday.

Bree said...

I should join this fumming friday- maybe be a good way to let go of the week- ha. I have gone with ATT recently and everyone is nice but I can't say I get my end result/need met. Hope it all works out. I just was stopping in, did follow as well, but I didn't link up this week- maybe i already follow- dunno- but glad I stopped in :)-

Anonymous said...

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