Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Harris Boys!

Allot of people now who Joshua Harris is! And if you dont..thats ok..ill tell ya who he is! He wrote this amazing book:

and this book:

Some of you are allready starting to get afraid of this post and me! Dont run yet! LOL! Im not THAT bad! Dont take the titles of these books that way! They are AMAZING books! He really touches on relationships,and how they should be! Its amazing! I have gleaned so much from his writings! I would highly recogmend you check his stuff out! I was reading the WORLD magazine and found an advertisment for a conference by a Alex and Brett Harris! And yes..there his younger brothers..there twins..and Alex just got married!
So anyway..I was like..well..there brother is cool so they must be..and I went to look up there site! You need to go meet Alex and Brett Harris !

They also have written 2 books that I have yet to read but plan on getting my hands on ASAP!

There first book they wrote is:

And there second book is a follow up:

Yep....I am now a Harris Boys fan! all REALLY NEED to go check them all out! The books are amazing( Well..I know Joshua's is and im sure the other to are amazing!)!


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