Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend,Mondays, and mail!

well..this weekend was not so bad! We had some more storms move through though!

Friday night we were watching a Tornado that just went a little North of us! After last weekend anything is to close for comfort! So I was a little tense to put it nicely! I need something to calm me called my friend Ashley who just moved to AZ! By the time we were done with are 2 hour phone call the storm was gone and I was happy!
Saterday started out was muggy out and we were in a Tornado watch..but no big deal! I got a box in the mail and when I opend it my head band that I purcheds from Bare Feet On The Dashbords etsy shop was in it! I LOVE IT!!!

Thanks Becca! You all really need to go check out her Etsy shop HERE! The headbands are so darn cute! And you can design your own and all! I have worn mine twice in the last 3 days! LOVE IT! I will be one that will be back for more soon! :)

Well...later on Saterday things got kinda nasty and needless to say..I did not sleep well Saterday night cause of the storms :( I woke up at 5:15 am and COULD NOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME get back to sleep! So, I got up, snagged my journal and Bible and spent some time at the dinning room table! It was good! I am kinda glad I did wake up when I did!

After church it rained like CRAZY! But by 5pm it was nice and the sun was out!

Today, Monday..started off kinda bad..working with people in the office and such! But then I was like " Why am I letting this crap get to me?" So I let it just run over me and my day has been awsome!

Well..Im off to go visite with some friends tonight!


Laura said...

All those tornadoes so close would stress me out! Glad it didn't get too close!

becca said...

i'm so glad that you got it and that you like it. thank you for ordering and for posting about it. you rock!

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