Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Silence...can be very nice!

Well, today I am the only one in the office! But, ya now, Its kinda nice! The silence can be so relaxing at times! I dont have much I have to do today! So its one of those, clean extra well, listen to music, and relax days in the office! Its nice when those days zoom around! They dont happen enough in my oppion!

Well, I dont think many of you now this but...I am in the process of trying to write a childrens book ( age 13 up, or maybe 11 up)! I get stuck on it allot, dont feel like it right, whatever my excuse is that day! So I have decided to put it up on my blog so those of you who would like to can give me your feed back on it! You can read about it on my other NEW BLOG...HERE!

Well..I shall leave you all for now!


Erin said...

Sometimes I like to spend some quiet time alone, hope you enjoy it! :) I left you a blog award over on my blog! :)

Kristin said...

That is so exciting that you're working on a book!

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