Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nashville...What you NEED to now!

Dear Blogger Friends:
It is with a heavy heart that I bring to you this post. I am sad for Nashville! Sad that the media is ignoring them, sad for the loss of there homes, sad for the people!

Most of you may not now..but...all the bad storms that have been sweeping through the south have landing on Nashville...they are getting flooded out of house and home!
And the sad thing...now the Red Cross is low on food, there are no shelters for the people..and the media is not telling anyone about it and there is no help coming to them!
So..I took the challang! Were asking everyone to blog about this! Let people now whats going on in Nashville...We the blogging world can make a diffrence!

I have friends in Nashville, I was in Nashville last December...there are also many bands and recoding atist up there! They need are prayers and our help! You can be living in any state and still help by blogging!

Please be sure to go over and see Beth's page about this! She got it started..she has pictures and lots of info! Link it to your page!

Who will step up and take this challange with me?? All it takes is one blog post!


Allyson and Dave said...

Yes...we all need to create awareness. This is a great thing to do.

Laura said...

I can't believe that the big news outlets aren't covering this story. So sad. I was glued to the news stations down there all weekend. Way to raise awareness!

OceanDreams said...

I hope they get the help that is SO needed - thanks for helping people become more aware, I have been twittering about it and telling people in CA about it too to help more people aware.

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