Wednesday, February 11, 2015

7 weeks!

How time fly's when you are having fun!! Or maybe it goes by fast when you are caring for a small human! Im not sure! 

Jonathan is now 7 weeks old! It seems like just yesterday that I had him!

We have been enjoying the nice weather the last few weeks here in South East Texas! The sun has been out and it has been warm!

I was able to find a Playgroup right here in our area and Jonthan and I have been to a few of there meetings! It has been so nice to have other Momma's to talk to! And I have been able to make a few more friends too!

Andrew has been busy at work! He just changed his work shedual this week so he will be working four 10 hr days and have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off! It will be nice to have him home for so long!

I have been adjusting to life as a momma and still try to get stuff done around the house! It has not been easy but I am learning!!

I will close for now and leave you with another 2 cute baby pictures!!


Friday, January 9, 2015

Jonathan Wayne is HERE!!!

December 23, 2014....... 9:43pm..... My world changed forever!

December 22,2014 I went into the Hospital to start induction...I was 40 weeks... 9 am the next morning the doctor broke my water! I was in labor for 12hrs...... I only wanted pain meds in my IV.
By 9pm I was only dialated to a 6 and my doctor felt we needed to do a c-section...that was not my birth plan but both myself and Andrew really felt that was best for us as well! We are so glad we did as my body was not letting me dialate anymore. 

The next day Jonathan was having trouble keeping his body heat up and was having some fast breathing so he was admitted to the NICU.

I was discharged on Christmas day and we stayed one more day at the hospital before deciding that it was best for us to go home so we could get rest and just drive back to the hospital twice a day for feeding times so we could see him and spend time with him.
It was hard coming home without a baby, and driving twice a day down to see him.

We were blessed with some amazing nurses for Jonathan and an amazing doctor for him as well! Those ladies loved on him and I never felt like they did not take good care of him.

We were able to bring Jonathan home New Years Eve! How exciting to have are baby home for the New Year!

During all this my parents came down from Oklahoma and helped around the house, took care of the dogs, feed people, and did much much more! I dont know what we would have done without them! I cant thank them enough!

Life is learning a new normal for us now....and there are times I want to sit and cry... but I love this ride!


Monday, November 3, 2014

Mingle Monday Catch Up Style!

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

Today I am going to link up with Mingle Monday! Yes, its Tuesday but better late than never!
Go over and join in!

Mingle 240

Since I am so behind on blogging I am going to Mingle, Catch up style!

* Jonathan is doing well! Had another doctors appointment last week and heartbeat is 125! Right on track my doctors says! I have another on the 12th then we start once a week appointments! Its hard to feel like we are that close allready!

* We have had allot of family members get us some of the big items we need allready! And we have gotten a few ourselfs!

We are doing the nursery in Whales!

*  A trip to Galveston TX for the beach was so needed last month! We only live 1hr from it and we are totally going more often!

* This was start of last week at 31 weeks! Have not gotten one for 32 just yet!

* Going to cloth Diaper and super excited to get these cuties in the mail this week! Cant wait to buy more! Anyone have experience with cloth diapers? Would love ANY advise!

Well this post is getting long with all the pictures so I will be done for now!

If your over from Mingle Monday welcome! Hope you stay around!


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Baby Corbett...And Other Stuff!

Hey Friends!
I am back! Yes, I say that every time, but I guess im a little bit more motivated this time to really stay with my blogging...why you may ask....well with the baby on the way I want a way to remember things....and this seems like a good way to do that!

Life here in Beaumont Texas is going well! Andrew is settling into his new job with the state and I finally have the house almost settled! Still working on our room and the guest or baby room!

Just a few pictures of the house! Things have changed a little as I have fall decorations up and all! I have also added a massive peace lilly to my living room! LOL!

We went to a small pumpkin patch last weekend! We enjoyed it allot and cannot wait to take kids there next year! The farm also has pick your own berrys in May! We will be going back!

I had my doctors appointment on Tuesday and yesterday went in for my Ultrasound!

Jonathan Wayne Corbett will be joing us on December 22nd!

We are so very excited! I cant wait to start shopping for boy cloths! What are you favorite boy shops?


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