Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Day!


Its that time of the week for my Happy List!

One thing that makes me happy are these pictures below!
Yes, I am going to make some tonight with the siblings! I WILL TAKE PICTURES!

I am excited because I picked up 2 new CD's this weekend! The new Casting Crowns CD Come To The Well, and the new Joe Jonas CD Fastlife!

I am happy because I joined in the cool 101 in 1001 List Swap! And I made a list too! I have never done that before! You can go HERE to see my list and my progress! I do not have 101 things in my list yet, but Im almost there!

I am happy because I was able to snag an awesome Erin Cohnran deal and got my Life Planner ordered yesterday for only $20! I will post pictures when it comes in :)


Monday, October 24, 2011

Erin Condren!!!!!!

Many if not all of you allready now who Erin Condren is or allready have some of her stuff! I found out who she was after blogging world blew up with her stuff! And by that time the sale was over and I could not pull out $50 no matter how nice the stuff was :(

The sale is back! I just ordered my day planner today and for only $20!

How you may ask?

Well, I would love to share this deal with my sweet bloggy friends!

You get $50 worth of Erin Condren products for $25.00! And if you sign up with my referal link below you get $5 in Plum Bucks so you pay $20!
The link for the sale is HERE!

This is my referal link! I would be very very very happy if you would use it! You get $5 in Plum Bucks if you do! :)

Let me know if you got this great deal!
Your welcome :)


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Happy Happy!

Linking up today with:




Its Tuesday and I am excited to talk about all the "Happy" in my life right now!

The first thing that had me smiling this morning was my bank account! Yes, you read right! Last month I sold around $900 in Pampered Chef stuff! So my commission check went in today! Its the largest I have ever done! I am really starting to feel like I can really move my business! I so love my job!

I got a new Day Planner last night! I would so LOVE one of the amazing once everyone here on the blogging world got way back when, but I dont have the money for one, so I went to Wal-Mart and found one I liked! I am super excited to get even more organized then before!
Do you have any tips for me? Like highlighting diffrent things diffrent colors, sticky notes, or whatever?

Called a place this morning that does a Bridal Fair in Lawton every January and found out they do not have a Pampered Chef Consultant for that day and would love one! So I am super excited to set up a booth there in 2012!

A friend from Texas called me Sunday and said she was coming to visit me this Friday! I cannot wait! I think the 2 younger siblings and I will take her to Bricktown!

Its been chilly around here! This makes me super happy! Being born in the North and all, there are times I do love the cold! And here in OK we dont get that allot! Its fun that it is feeling like Fall!

Also, Welcome to any new people reading from the above link ups and Mingle Monday! (yes, I am a day late!) Hope you stay and have some fun! Leave me a comment, I'll be glad to comment back!


Mingle 240

Friday, October 7, 2011

Its Friday..Confessing!

Its that time of the week again! Time to Confess!


I CONFESS..... I am super excited that I dont have anything going on this Saturday and I can sleep in. But I was just told there may be an opening at a Cancer Awarness place to sell my Pampered Chef for charity! And I am so tired but Im fine with doing that if it comes up!

I CONFESS.... I got both my Swap Packages in and my 2 out! I loved them both! Dont you just love snail mail!?

I CONFESS....Im still over a month away from Hosting my 31 Gifts Party but im allready making up my wish list! LOVE there stuff!

I CONFESS... I actually want the cold weather to get here! I want to wear my sweaters and be cold some!

I CONFESS.....I am very happy sitting here in the office, behind a divider, on my lap top as I have been misplaced from my desk, listening to the group thats in talking in there small group time, with a very large black Austilian Shepard asleep on the floor beside me, as I type this too!

I CONFESS....I am VERY randum..see above :)

I CONFESS..... Social Spark is allot of fun! I have done one blog post for them and have 1 other to work on! Still waiting on payment but its been really easy!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Win a $500 Express Suiting Makeover!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Express for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


How many of you love shopping or wish you could shop at Express?


It is so hard to find a good business suit for me! I am really picky about them! But every time I look at the Suits Express has, I wish I had one! There amazing!

women's suits

Below are a few I found that I wish I had!





And we cant forget about the Men in our lives!

men's suits


I love how all the pictures above, I could see used at work, but could also be dressed down if needed! Maybe add a pair of jeans and some high heals to the last black woman suit and woo hoo you have it!

You may be looking at my blog saying, How am I going to afford them? Well guess what?       

Express is doing a $500 Suit Sweepstake! Express sweepstakes

WOW! You can win so much with that! And who would not like to have some Express in there closet! :)

What do you just LOVE about Express? Please leave me a comment and tell me! I would LOVE to hear what you have to say!

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy List!

I have found yet ANOTHER link up that I just love!


This link up is amazing because it makes me take my focus of all the crap in my life and look for the Happy!
It is also amazing because it is hosted by one amaing lady!
She blogs over here:


She is so much fun! Her blogs are very fun to read and she has several other amazing link-ups!

Now...On to my Happy List!

1. I am so happy that I am FINALLY getting over this cold! I missed my bloggy world but I was in bed for almost all last week! So glad to be better!

2. I had my first carmel apple of the season last night! YUM!

3.I was NOT excited about work today, but Im sitting at my desk drinking a warm spiced apple cider, Im happy now :)

4. My parents get vacation on the 15th to the Beach and I am keeping the kids! We are gonna have a BLAST!

5.I finally got my 2 swag packages out in the mail! I cant wait to hear how my partners like them! I LOVE SWAPS!

6. I had an amazing skype date with a friend of mine from AZ last night! Come to find out, she got to talk to Prince Harry! Yes, the Prince Harry! She works at the Luke Airforce Base and he was there training! Crazy! LUCKY!

Well....I am out for now!

Dont forget, this link up offically starts for Tuesdays Next week! But you can link up today as well!


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