Friday, October 7, 2011

Its Friday..Confessing!

Its that time of the week again! Time to Confess!


I CONFESS..... I am super excited that I dont have anything going on this Saturday and I can sleep in. But I was just told there may be an opening at a Cancer Awarness place to sell my Pampered Chef for charity! And I am so tired but Im fine with doing that if it comes up!

I CONFESS.... I got both my Swap Packages in and my 2 out! I loved them both! Dont you just love snail mail!?

I CONFESS....Im still over a month away from Hosting my 31 Gifts Party but im allready making up my wish list! LOVE there stuff!

I CONFESS... I actually want the cold weather to get here! I want to wear my sweaters and be cold some!

I CONFESS.....I am very happy sitting here in the office, behind a divider, on my lap top as I have been misplaced from my desk, listening to the group thats in talking in there small group time, with a very large black Austilian Shepard asleep on the floor beside me, as I type this too!

I CONFESS....I am VERY randum..see above :)

I CONFESS..... Social Spark is allot of fun! I have done one blog post for them and have 1 other to work on! Still waiting on payment but its been really easy!



AMY said...

I'm ready for cooler weather...sweaters, jeans, and hot chocolate. I just wish Winter wouldn't last so long.
I'm a new follower.
Amy's Life @

sarajo said...

I'm with you on the jeans and sweaters! Yay fall!

Mamarazzi said...

i cannot WAIT for sweaters and boots weather!!

sorry i am so sloooow getting here, we took off for the weekend and i was without internet. thanks for linking up!

Ocean Dreams said...

I love Social Spark and hope it gets cold here for ya soon - it's starting to feel like fall time in UT! :)

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