Thursday, December 31, 2009

10 Goals for 2010!

So I was really not wanting to do " New Years Resolutions" this year cause I allways fail badly and it is just not worth beating myself up over for it!
Than, today I read a post over at OceanDreams and have decided to fallow her and do what she is doing! So this is my 10 Goals for 2010! ( also stop over by OceanDreams and check it out yourself! She is a TON of fun to fallow and read her blog post!)

1. I am getting back on my Vegitarion diet! I lost 10 pounds the month I did it and want to keep on moving foward!

2. Journal faithfully at least 3 times a week! I have allways been VERY bad at journaling and would love to get better at it! No, I will not beat myself up if I miss a few days!

3,Complete my photography portfolio and get people booked for photoshoot! I really want to pull my photography out and get it set up so that I could do sr. photoshoots again this year! it worked out last year, but since the move its been crazy busy around here!

4. Scrapbook all my pictures! I have so many photos and I realy dont want them all to get ruined before I get them in the scarpbook! I wasnt to enjoy myself and my photos!

5. Enjoy every minute of being single! This year ( 2009) I have struggled allot with being single! I want to enjoy every minute of it this next year! I am going to do stuff that I would not be able to do unless i was single! I am going to enjoy my single life to the max!

6. Add a fury friend to my family! I have allways wanted a dwarf hampster and this year, I really wanna get one! If and when it happens I will post pictures on my blog so y'all can help me pick a name!

7 Get in the kitchen more! I love to cook but dont get in and make "fun" stuff that much! I have so many new cool recipes I have been wanting to try!

8. Write more letters! I have so many friends who love mail ( and so do I) I really need to write more letters! I belive the art of letter writing is leaving our world..but not mine :)

9, Smile, even in the hard times! I so often dont smile in the hard times of my life! I wanna smile more


ok..well thats done, and I dont now how well i did! Oh well..leave me a comment and tell me how crazy I am ! LOL! <3

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wishfull Wendsday! today I am doing Wishfull Wensday that The Seattle Smiths hold every week..go check it out!


well, for real, I dont think I was totally dropping any big hints this year so I dont have anything huge but...

I would have LOVED a nice black picture frame with my name spelled out in those really cool pictures! You now the once that they take any object, building, whatever and if it looks like the shape of a letter, and you can spell your name!
Its like this one....

My little sister Jerusha, who is looking over my shoulder right now says she wishes Santa would have brough her a horse! One stands out more than any others, her pony Wonder! Yes, I did say her pony, not really hers but everyone calls it that for now!

well..I thinks thats all for that now!

So yesterday not long after I blogged a friend txt me a told me my facebook had been hacked and I needed to go change my statuse ASAP! She was right, it was no one i knew who hacked me but it sure was a NASTY message that was left! Sigh, Its sad that people live to just do stuff like that :(

Y'all have an awsome wensday and stop over my the Smiths and check out all the other Wishfull Wensdays! And , if your somone from there reading this blog, WELCOME and feel free to become a fallower! I love my blogger friends!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh what a wonderfull far!

Hi all!
So like my title says, so far its been a wonderfull day! Right now I HATE that the wireless at the Lodge were I usally get my internet is being stupid! Kicks me off every 5min! What should take you 15min to do takes you 45min! GAHHH! So needless to say im using the internet at my dads office and its really slow compared to the wireless! PLUS...right now im trying to load a TON of pictures on Snapfish to get printed!
Ok Y'all! If you have never used Snapfish you really to to go by and check it out ( You can create an account for FREE! And when you do they give you 20 FREE 4X6 prints! Plus there prints are only 9 cents! And the shipping and handling is really good! Today for my prints im doing I get my 20 free, than i used my Coke Rewards Points so im getting another 30 free, PLUS, my good friend Taffi gave me a $10 gift card for there so I am going to get ALL my trip pictures printed PLUS my brothers graduation picture from May! Does anyone here " lots of scrapbook here soon!" lol!
My mom and I have been wanting to sit down and do scapbook so this will be good for me to have the pictures and get them in the albums right away! And no, I do not do the online scapbooking! I enjoy buying all the fun paper and stickers from Hobby Lobby and such! I love spending time really making my pages " come to life" ! Anyone else out there like scapbooking? When i get my pages done ill post pix of them up here!
So I have allso found an really cool site called its a really great site and I love it! Its a good place to dream, and so much more!
Keep an eye out for a post tomorrow! Im going to do Wishfull Wensday ( ill have the link to the site tomorrow)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Y'all have got to check this out! You will love it!

Hi all!
So, I am posting about another giveaway! One of these days, I will maybe actually win of these days I MAY have enough followers to do a giveaway! I would LOVE that!

So..Ok..On to the give away! So Courtney over at Starting Out is doing the giveaway!!!

She is giving away a FREE blog makeover..and you have the oppertuinty to get your named entered 3 times! Ya....So like GO CHECK IT OUT!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

It has been a good Christmas this year! My family opened our stockings Christmas Eve Eve! Than the rest of the Sterrett family came over for christmas Eve and opened gifts! I got the cutest muck boots From my aunt and uncle!

These are the boots! I LOVE THEM!! <3

This morning we opened our family gifts! Than we went over and and had lunch with the Ansleys! Miss Sissy and Jacob are allot of fun! Played hunting wii with Jacob most the afternoon! Than we had a little bit of rest time, and now were up at Dan'l and Sandys watching Little Lord Fontleroy!

What did you all do for Christmas???

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yes, I am still alive!

Dear Blogger Friends!
So Sorry that I have not blogged in AGES! Things have been crazy Crazy CRAZY!

At this point in time I am in Nashville Tn! Yep, you heard me right! I have been on the road since last Wensday! I went/am on a road trip with my good friend Miriam! We left Tyler Texas ( her home) friday morning and and headed toward Natchiz Mississippi to start on the Natchiz Trace Parkway!
We have been enjoying ourselfs a TON! We stoped in Memphis for a few days and got to see Graceland, Peabody Hotel and so much more!
I have LOTS of pictures and will be sure to do several post in the days to come! I will be home on monday so please do note that I will not be blogging untill than!
Thanks all for reading!
I <3 your comments!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A cool Giveaway!

Y'all need to check out Design Girl!
She is has allot of TOTALLY cute blog desings and gives away some fabulas givaways!
Right now she is giving away 2 free blog headers!

Anyone would LOVE a new blog look for christmas so check it out!

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