Thursday, December 31, 2009

10 Goals for 2010!

So I was really not wanting to do " New Years Resolutions" this year cause I allways fail badly and it is just not worth beating myself up over for it!
Than, today I read a post over at OceanDreams and have decided to fallow her and do what she is doing! So this is my 10 Goals for 2010! ( also stop over by OceanDreams and check it out yourself! She is a TON of fun to fallow and read her blog post!)

1. I am getting back on my Vegitarion diet! I lost 10 pounds the month I did it and want to keep on moving foward!

2. Journal faithfully at least 3 times a week! I have allways been VERY bad at journaling and would love to get better at it! No, I will not beat myself up if I miss a few days!

3,Complete my photography portfolio and get people booked for photoshoot! I really want to pull my photography out and get it set up so that I could do sr. photoshoots again this year! it worked out last year, but since the move its been crazy busy around here!

4. Scrapbook all my pictures! I have so many photos and I realy dont want them all to get ruined before I get them in the scarpbook! I wasnt to enjoy myself and my photos!

5. Enjoy every minute of being single! This year ( 2009) I have struggled allot with being single! I want to enjoy every minute of it this next year! I am going to do stuff that I would not be able to do unless i was single! I am going to enjoy my single life to the max!

6. Add a fury friend to my family! I have allways wanted a dwarf hampster and this year, I really wanna get one! If and when it happens I will post pictures on my blog so y'all can help me pick a name!

7 Get in the kitchen more! I love to cook but dont get in and make "fun" stuff that much! I have so many new cool recipes I have been wanting to try!

8. Write more letters! I have so many friends who love mail ( and so do I) I really need to write more letters! I belive the art of letter writing is leaving our world..but not mine :)

9, Smile, even in the hard times! I so often dont smile in the hard times of my life! I wanna smile more


ok..well thats done, and I dont now how well i did! Oh well..leave me a comment and tell me how crazy I am ! LOL! <3


Candace said...

You're not crazy. ;) Those are great goals to shoot for! :) Praying for you girl!

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