Friday, May 28, 2010


Its Friday! So excited!
Going out to see the movie tonight ( Prince of Persia that is!)

Well...Its that time! Yep...Its time for:


This week has not been to bad and I don't have much to fume about..but..I do have one thing!
Hackers on facebook get to me!
Come on..what do you do with your life..sit there and try to hack my account?? I have been hacked once..and they put a really nasty status up..thankfully found out right away and only 5 friends ever saw the status!
But recently everyone is getting hacked by that virus that puts video's on your friends walls! I got 6 of them on mine yesterday! I am so sick of deleting them! Gahh.....
A note to the hacker if they are reading this:
Dear Hackers:
Please get a life! I have my life and really don't need you complicating it!
If you have to much time on your hands...please come to Mississippi and I will give you some of my job!
Thank You!

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Ok...A few little things that I LOVE and cant believe I have lived without them/or am living without them!!

Love these Pans! There non-stick, life time warranty, Pampered Chef Pans!

And I love these cups! There Dots Wear Pampered Chef Entertainment!

I LOVE Pampered Chef...I'm a bit on the biased side since I sell it..but..I have loved it LONG before that!

Well..Since it is Friday I am also linking up to:

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Welcome all new Friends, Readers, Followers, and Commenters!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Writers Workshop!!!

Its Thursday and time for Writers Worshop!
I choose the promt:

5.) What’s so good about it? Write an interesting poem or piece of writing where the last two words of the writing are ‘good-bye’.

Goodbye Mississippi

You have been my home for a year, you have been my friend for that time too.
This will be hard to leave you, but the leaving you is not the sad part.
The sad part is the friends I will leave behind!
I have moved from PA, to Texas, from Texas to must say goodbye again.
Just one time I would like to stay near the friends,
Near the people I know, Near the people I love!
I will never forget movie nights with those crazy guys I call my friends!
Who knew they would get me to watch suspence moveis so much!
Who knew these students would grab my heart like they did!
Keep smiling kids, you are amazing..
You are what makes Mississippi who it is!
Its not the Trace,
Not the Flowers,
Not Elvis Presly,
Its you..
Your smiles...
Your love...
Your sweat..
Your tears...
Loving this state no matter what!
That...That is what I will miss!
I will miss you..and all you hold!
For now Mississippi..until I return...Good-bye.

I dont now if this counts...its not a poem..just a writing...that I heart..spilled out on page!

Tell me what you think! I love doing this kind of stuff!!

Its your turn! Go pick and promt and join up!

Mama's Losin' It

EXCITMENT...for this weekend!!

I am so excited for Friday to get here!
Why you may ask...well this is why:

Yep..It comes out...well..Midnight showing tonight..but..were going to go see it on Friday!
I cant wait!

I do not do good in "suspence" movies yet I go and watch them! Go figure! LOL!
I will let y'all now how it was on Saterday!
What are your plans for the weekend???

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Loosing Weight!

Yep...You read that right..Loosing Weight! I am gonna do it!
Ok..first..what started all this??
I have been a big fan of Biggest Looser for a LONG time!

I do allot of walking and I am really coming down in my weight...but..I would like to be more. No, I am not one of those " I need to be really skinny im gonna be unhealthy"type of people!
But..I am in the Obese catigory for my age and all!So I am going to start telling, showing, and asking you all to keep me motivated on my weight!
At this point in this post..I weight 170 pounds...I should be like 130 or so! I am in a 12 some 10 size that tells you I should be able to get down to a lower number on that!
My mom and myself are on a meal plan from Beachbody..and I took the next step in my weight loss by ordering these today at Amazon:

I cant wait to get them in and start working out! BRING ON THE SWEAT!!

What do you all thing?? Anyone ever tried any of these DVD's??

Take My Hand..Lets Walk The Road Together!

Lyrics from the album Idenity by Robert Pierre
I Will Be There

You need a friend, someone you can trust
That stays 'til the end

I'll be the one, standing right there

A shoulder to cry on

Take my hand

Let's walk this road together

I'll be there when your world falls apart

and you don't know where you are
I'll be there to keep you from falling
Whenever you're calling my name
I'll be there, I'll be there

I know your pain, you're not alone

Every day feels the same, but

My love is here, through every prayer

Through every tear

Take my hand
Let's walk this road together

I'll be there when your world falls apart
and you don't know where you are
I'll be there to keep you from falling
Whenever you're calling my name
I'll be there, I'll be there

The storm clouds will soon roll away
Everything will be okay
But right now's the time to believe
That you'll always have a friend in me

I'll be there when your world falls apart
and you don't know where you are
I'll be there to keep you from falling
Whenever you're calling my name
I'll be there, I'll be there

Wow! Love this song! Its amazing!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crazy Life

The last few days, and the weekend and all that have been crazy!
Here are a few highlights from them!!

This guy is amazing! I am not a fan of his music..but..he was the one I wanted to win in Celebrity Apprentice and HE DID! I was on the edge of my couch the hole live finally and I jumped up and down and screamed!! :) GO BRET MICHAELS!!

WalMart was a must last night! I HAD to get out and do a little shopping! So I snagged by trust new phone ( Driod) ( Still working on a name..hehe) my shopping list, and my little sister and hit the road.. This is what I came back with:

Friday, May 21, 2010

Not Sure Friday!

Yes, an interesting title I know..but that how I feel today..not sure!

I am linking up with:

So today...this post may not seming like im Fuming..but ill try :)

Today I have to/had to say goodbye to allot of sweet sweet kids, kids that will come back to school this fall..but I will not be here anymore :(
Are Sr.s graduate tomorrow and then there will be more goodbyes to be said.
Who ever invernted it...YOU SUCK!
I cryed when I said goobye to Brandon today! That kid is like my little brother...I will miss him.
Another thing that makes me made...the parents of some of these kids here! They dont really love them! They never have! And you can see the pain and hurt in there eyes! Why in the world would I want you to be the parent on this do nothing to help them!

I want to say one thing...get mad at me all you want but I must say this... if and when you are a parent, please love your children as a parent should! If you are or ever do go through a divorce, please understand that your child is still very important , if you ever loose your partner, please remember that your child feels that pain too and needs your love! So many of these kids I work with here to not understand the meaning of love. There parent has never shown that to them.The hurt in there lives is so real, and so big, it makes you sick! I have cryed myself to sleep many times this year seing hurt in these kids lives! done :)

Thanks to all who are stopping over from New Friend Friday and Follow Me Friday! Welcome to the "just comment people" and the "im following you people" You both make my day :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

IM IN LOVE! read the title right..I AM IN LOVE!! With whom you may ask?
Well, his name...right now his name is Droid......

I ment him the Verizon store..I did not like him at first....and then, somone told me all he could do....and introduced me to him:

And from then on there was no going back! He is at work with me today!

Yes..I am a belive in " Real guys were pink"! So this is how he looks today at the office with me!

For real!! I LOVE this phone! Got it last night! I LOVE IT!!!! really want to name him...and the only name right now is Droid...and thats kinda...not help me out please!! <3>

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WW- Bedrooms :)

Its Wishfull Wensday time!

I really needed this to come...I allways enjoy this time of the week..but with Justin's death on Sunday its extra nice this week!

Ok, so this week its:

'I wish' .... I could come home to bedroom this bedroom each and every night!!

Well..I could not just pick here are a few and why I like them :)

Love everything about this room!

Love the space in this room!

and I love this bedding!

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Monday, May 17, 2010

In Memory of Justin Beasly!

Yesterday the Calvary Baptist Youth group of Gladewater, Texas ( my home church ) was having a day at the lake.
Justin Beasly was a Sr, going to be graduating...he got to far out in the lake and could not swim....He went under. The search team found his body a few hours later.

Justin....We will miss you!

I remember so many good times with you! Your smiles when people were mean to you, your love for them no matter what! You allways said that if Jesus could love them why couldnt you!
I remember the last time I saw you! You gave me a big hug and told me God had great plan's for me in Mississippi! WOW, you were so right!
We will all miss your smiles! Your wanting to now Jesus even more! You never could stop talking about Him! Even when you were sobbing cause of something that had once again happened in your life...You would tell us through your tears that He is faithfull!
No more fears, no more tears Justin! Your in the arms if the man you could never stop talking about...and for that I am so happy for you!
Keep a watch over us down here! Dont ever stop praying for me...and when Its my turn to come up..I want you to give me a big hug!
You may have not fully were a week away...but your getting your rewards in Heaven Justin..that I am VERY sure of!

We love you Justin...and I will never forget you! <3

For anyone who is interested here is a small artical from Texas on it.

Friday, May 14, 2010


I cannot even start to tell you how happy I am that it is Friday..oh wait..yes I can...cause im doing:
Fuming Friday!
Fuming Fridays

So this week has been..HORRIBLE! I work for family, so that never easy to start with! And then one family member who is over me is taking up the side of a family member that works along side me! So, needless to say..I have gotten yelled at allot this week! For really no reason at all!
Yesterday was the second to last straw for me! I dont now what I am going to do next will not be nice! Im sorry! I am sick of being treated this way! Its not right!
Sigh..ok..I feel better!
You all really should go hook up to Fuming Friday! It really helps!
I am also linking up to:

The Girl Creative

Welcome to new Readers and Followers! If you follow me I try and follow you back!
Even if your just stopping in to leave a note, feel free to comment on anything you want to! I am always open to info and notes from people who are not just my Blogger friends! :)

Going to my friend Jon Jon's House tonight! Were gonna watch these 2 amazing movies:

Yes! I am in a Twilight mood and I also want a refresher before I go see the new one in June!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Giveaway AND a Sale!

First...A GIVEAWAY over at Mommyto2's blog!! could win these little cuties:
Go check them out! There pocket Mirrors!! And she is giving the winner 5 of them! sale!

Ladies..I sell Pampered Chef..and this month its Help Whip Cancer!

So..untill Saterday at 7pm central time...Anyone who orders on my web site under "blog" as the host name..will get a cookbook FREE!
Be sure to select the ship to yourself button and not to host! :)

Go check it out! There is some awsome products that we sell..and it goes for a good cause this month!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Blog Award!

Yep!! I just got my second blog award!

Erin over at A Tigers Tale Just gave me this award:

Thanks so much Erin! If you have never read her blog you really are missing out and need to go check her blog out! :)

Ok..So the rules are that I must give this award to 10 people! So I am going to give this award to there 10 amazing ladies and there blogs!

1. Amy over at A Silver Wife's Life!
2. Teresa over at Blooming on Bainbridge!
3. Becca over at Bare Feet on the Dashboard!
4. Laura over at Laura's Life!
5. Allyson over at Allyson and Dave!
6. Kelsey over at The Seattle Smith's!
7. Annie over at Chapters of Our Life!
8. Tara over at Trendy Tree House!
9. Kristin over at BonBon Rose!
10. Mrs. G over at My Life in the Making!

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