Monday, May 17, 2010

In Memory of Justin Beasly!

Yesterday the Calvary Baptist Youth group of Gladewater, Texas ( my home church ) was having a day at the lake.
Justin Beasly was a Sr, going to be graduating...he got to far out in the lake and could not swim....He went under. The search team found his body a few hours later.

Justin....We will miss you!

I remember so many good times with you! Your smiles when people were mean to you, your love for them no matter what! You allways said that if Jesus could love them why couldnt you!
I remember the last time I saw you! You gave me a big hug and told me God had great plan's for me in Mississippi! WOW, you were so right!
We will all miss your smiles! Your wanting to now Jesus even more! You never could stop talking about Him! Even when you were sobbing cause of something that had once again happened in your life...You would tell us through your tears that He is faithfull!
No more fears, no more tears Justin! Your in the arms if the man you could never stop talking about...and for that I am so happy for you!
Keep a watch over us down here! Dont ever stop praying for me...and when Its my turn to come up..I want you to give me a big hug!
You may have not fully were a week away...but your getting your rewards in Heaven Justin..that I am VERY sure of!

We love you Justin...and I will never forget you! <3

For anyone who is interested here is a small artical from Texas on it.


Amy Silver said...

What a beautiful post. So sorry about your friend.. you obviously had some great memories together. Saying some prayers for you..

OceanDreams said...

So sorry about your friend and loss sweetie, praying for you!

becca said...

i'm so sorry for your loss, joanna.

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