Friday, April 30, 2010

Follow Me and Fuming Friday!!

I am linking up to 3 things this will have the link butions on the bottem of this post!

First...Welcome New Friends from New Friend Friday and Follow Me Friday!
Pull up a seat and feel free to read all about my crazy life..and even stay around ( you follow me and I would LOVE to follow you!)
On another note I LOVE making new bloggy friends :) on to the new and amazing.....


So here is how it goes: Post as much or as little about anything this week that you have fumed about....if you are still mad get it out. that is really ticking me off right now...People telling me how I should run MY facebook!

I was talking to a friend last night and she told me that from my facebook status's I dont sound happy! I just told her there was allot going on and I was just sharing some of my heart....she then proceeded to tell me not to do that because we live in a small town, people talk, and it makes me sound sad!
I told her that let the people talk, its my facebook and they cant run it!
I dont post bad things on my status! I dont swear on it, I dont put really private stuff up..I just put up some how I feel! Thats how alot of my friends now whats going on in my life.
And on top of that! I am NOT going to lie and be ok when im really not! Sorry, I have an issue with people who are not real and I sure ant going to be one myself!
I know that its facebook..and that there are things you dont post on there...but then there is the over extreme were your so worried about hurting other people! Somedays it makes me so angry! Its your facebook, do with it as you will...ITS NOT MINE TO RUN!!

Ok..Im good now :)

So go on over to there 3 awsome places and Link on up:


The Girl Creative

Fuming Fridays


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Writers Workshop...Celebrity Experience!

Mama's Losin' It

And the prompt I choose this week is:

Write about an experience you have had with a celebrity.

So this story was back in..lets 2004! I was 15 and on my way back home ( PA at that point in time) from a hair cutting course in Indianapolis , IN!
Myself and my friend Erin were flying out of the main airport there, now, you must understand a few things! bag as overweight and I has taken a few things out and was zipping it back up, Two, the place we had done the course at require the girls to wear skirts, so needless to say, I was sitting in the middle of the airport, straddling my suit case trying to zip it up, in a skirt no less!
As I am doing this my friend Erin screams.."Look! There is Ray Comfort!" Well that was cool in itself cause he is a really cool guy! All of sudden I notice right behind him somone fare more famus then him, and somone who worked the ministry with him. You guess it, Kurt Cameron!
Do keep in mind I am still zipping my suit case in my skirt!
Well..Kurt just happend to look are way right then! I was horrified! So, I just smiled and waved! He gave me this " what in the heck is she doing" look and kinda half waved nicely back! I was about to die!
Well..we got all pulled together and went to go to are turmenal..Erin then relized we were in the same one as Ray and Kurt! She wanted to go find them in talk to them! So we went on the hunt! Well, we could not find them at all! I stopped by a line of chairs and told Erin were not going to find them! Just as I said this I looked to my left and relized they were sitting right beside us! Well Erin saw that and got scared and we left...Sadly I did not really get to actually meet them..but..oh well! It was a funny experience to say the least!

The only other real time I have had was Winter Jam 2010 when I got to meet Michael Tait and Robert Pierre!

ok..Go on over and pick a prompt!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shutter Love

I am going to have some fun over at Trendy treehouse today! Go on over and see all the other cool pictures and vote for them! And maybe just maybe..If you really like my photo vote for me :) :)

This photo was take a year ago at Bush Gardens! Love this photo! The topic for the photos this week was water! And this photo just says it all! Flying high screaming with water below you!! <3

Now go over and VOTE! <3>

Top 2 Tuesday...Summer Fun!

Im doing my first Top 2 Tuesday and joining in the fun over at The Undeomestic Momma!

This week its: Top 2 Favorite Things About Summer!

1. Tanning:
I get so white over the winter time I always tell my friends that my legs could stop traffic! Thats for real how bad they get! So I love when summer comes around and I can go plop down on the beach at the lake and just let my skin get all that nice Vitamin D plus some color!!

2. Summer Cloths:
I love wearing all the fun summer cloths! There is always something new and cute out and I can never get enough of it! I LOVE my flip flops and were them so much that I have to throw them away at the end of the summer!

3. Nail Polish:
Ok..yes...I am doing a third one..but..oh well! I know that Nail Polish is all year round, but in the summer time, you can see my toes! I love going all wacky colored! I dont even bother with what colors im wearing! I just have fun!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Update!

Dont now how much you all have heard on the news but Saterday we had a Tornado here in French Camp! It hit 3 miles down the road from my house! We were all in the hallway and it was the scaryest thing ever! You could see the sky go from light to allmost black green!
Were it hit it took out TONS of houses! I dont have pictures up on my computer yet but I found this video:

All this has made me think allot! How much I should live today as if I dont have tommorrow. Those homes that are gone,,,those people that are gone,,they could have been or even should have been me! The tornado was coming down right on top of us...and last min the wind changed just enough to move it over before it touched down! That was the hand of the Lord, I know that! You want to argue with me about it go ahead, But I know that God was watching over me and it was not my time to go!
I went out and help the Vol.Fire Department after we were given the all clear! I worked a road block for 4 hrs! Never had so many people cuss me about before in my life! One guy got out of his car up in my face he was so made at me! People were wanting to get down to there family that had gotten hit but we were not allowed to let anyone down there! One guy allmost ran one of the other Vol. Over...we called the police on the walkie and they snaged him alittle ways down the road!

On a happy note: I have a new blog desgin! Let me now how you like it!!


Friday, April 23, 2010

Another Side of me!

I was in a " take a picture of me" mood on sunday and I really felt pritty in what I was wearing! So I handed my little sister my SLR camera and told her how I wanted them shot!
Tell me what ya think!

Welcome new friends from New Friend Friday and Fallow Me Friday!!

We have a Winner!

Writing the names down for the drawing!!

Here they all are in this awsome little tupperware bowl!!

My little sister Jerusha helping me draw a name!!

And are winner is Laura from Laura's Life!! CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!

Thanks to all who entered! You all are amazing!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

What Is My Joy??

And I choose the promt:

What is the joy in your present moment?

I am going to make a list of the things that are, do, and have made me smile in the last 2 months ( Since they have been very hard months for me!

1. Living in the south
2. Have parents that love me
3. Putting checks in the bank :)
4. The sound of computer keys clicking
5. Letters from friends
6. Winning Blog Giveaways!!
7. The smell of a new book in my hands
8. The sound of papers crackling in my hands ( I know..weird!)
9. my ipod
10. Winter Jam 2010
11. Newsboys new CD
12. Meeting Robert Pierre in person!!!
13. My blogger friends
14. Txting
15. Getting comments on my blog ( hint hint) :)
16. Getting new followers ( hint hint) :)
17. Spring Flowers!
18. Long walks down the dirt road with my ipod
19.Blog Awards :)
20. And most of all my Jesus and my Bible!

There we go..I got 20 of them! I have so much I can be thankfull for!

Now hop on over to Mama Kat's and pick a prompt!

A Little Happy in the Mail!

Today I got a little HAPPY in the mail today! I won a giveaway over at Erin's blog A Tiger's Tale and it came in today!

I will tell ya...Erin wrapped that booger up good! I had a pair of scissors and I had trouble even at that! My mom was laughing at me , watching me open it! :)

And this is what I saw when I first opened it! A sweet note to me..and all the goodies!!

I LOVE IT! The neckless was one that I have actually been wanting for some time now! Its cool how it all worked out! The other two are homemade my Erin herself! There awsome!
Thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU Erin for this giveaway! I LOVE IT!!

Also...remember REMEMBER giveaway ends tonight! Be sure to enter!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sharing Idea's Wednesday!

I am hopping on with Sharing Idea's Wednesday over at Trendy Treehouse!

I am going to share a PARTY IDEA: Lingering Showers!

I know that its the time of year for weddings! And as the maid of awner at my sisters wedding June of 2011 and I have found some way cute stuff for this shower....
Lets start with invitations! Here are a few I found I like!

And this for a favor!! I about died when I found these! I LOVE THEM!!

And This for food :) :)

Tell me what ya think!!!

Also...REMEBER!! My GIVEAWAY ends tomorrow....Get entered in it!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MY GIVEAWAY......Office Changes!

Hey Blogger Friends!!!

Ok...first off...dont forget MY GIVEAWAY! It ends Thursday...and I dont have many people entered so go and enter! Im giving away an autographed book! You so dont want to miss this one :)

There are allot of changes happening in our office! And my job got a change today! I now have several more things that I am doing! But that really makes me happy! I really love a full to-do list..I know weird right!???!!! LOL! :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010


So, I am not totally at 100 post...this post here in 99..but close enough! :) You all have been the reason I have kept on blogging! If it was not for people reading my blog and commenting I prolly would have stopped months ago. I had a blog several years ago..and that one only made it a month and a total of 5 post!
Ok, So on to the giveaway! I am giving away an amazing book! I may be a bit off because my Uncle wrote it..but still :)You may look at this and go..Im not into horses so why would I want to read this book..let me tell you this now! This book can be read by people that are not into horses AT ALL! We have had some great reviews sent into are office of people who HATE horses but LOVE the book! You get to read about Lew Sterrett ( my uncle and author of the book) and his life, the things he went through, and what pulled him through the hard times! Maybe your not into reading...this book could make a GREAT gift for somone!
On top of all that......Your book...will be signed! will have an aughtographed copy!!! are the ways to enter:

1.Become a follower of my blog/allready are one = 1 entry

2. Become a fan of Life Lessions From A Horse Whisperer on FACEBOOK = 2 entrys

3.Tell me your favorite book = 1 Entry

4. Blog about the giveaway = 3 Entrys

5. If someone tells me they found the giveaway through your blog = 5 Entrys

ok....the giveaway closes April that gives you 1 week!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Long Phone Calls make me SMILE!

The last few days I have been sick, sick, sick! A cold set in..and it set in NASTY! I have a roll of TP on my desk here at work to blow my noise! LOL! I HATE having a cold..and last night it started into hard dry coughs! Blahh......So needless to say I was feeling VERY horrable yesterday!
Then around 7 last night I called my dear friend Sarah and talk to her for 2 HOURS! I felt so much better after that! We talked about everything under the sun..well..the music sun! LOL! Sarah was the person who got me into Contemperary Christian Music....I learned about Casting Crowns, Third Day and so many more from her! I am planning a trip to see her some time soon and going to go to some concerts with her!

Well dear blogger friends...I guess its time to tell you all as well. My family and myself and the ministry I work with ( ) will be moving again in August! Right now we do not now were..but we know the Lord is moving us. I am excited..yet...I HATE the packing part! And I hate leaving friends :( I am so happy that I have you my blogger friends that will come with me no matter were I go! I will post pictures of the packing process and let you all now were Im moving as soon as I know!

Also..a BIG WELCOME to anyone who is stopping in from New Friend Friday and Fallow Me Friday! WELCOME! If you have questions about me..feel free to ask! I allso love to meet and make new blogger friends! :)

Almost to 100 post! I think I may do my giveaway tomorrow...or...if I cant stand it..I may put it up today! So...if you wanna enter in a giveaway...check back! :)


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Writers Workshop - Star Letter!

So, there could be two reasons why I am doing Writers Workshop today!
One could be, Im allmost to 100 post and I really am excited about my giveaway, or two, I really am excited about the promt i am gonna do! I think its a little bit of both! the promnt I choose this week is:

2.) Write a letter to a reality star of your choice.

Now..I warn you..I am not sure the "real" who were suppost to pick... and the person I have picked im sure is all wrong..but...I have the letter all my my head, and its been a topic that has been nagging at may be all wrong....but maybe its ok! :) You be the judge!

My letter is to.....Channing Tatum!

Dear Mr.Tatum:

Greetings from a small little town in Mississippi...yes..we do watch movies and hear the news way out here in the boonies :)
I have allways been a big fan of the movies you play in! I think your acting is one of a kind! I have allways been a fan of Step Up and She's The Man! I have yet to go see Dear John but thats on my "To Do List"!

There has been so much uproar out there about your new movie you are doing...of your life! I have heard so many people talk how they suddenly dont like you anymore because of you life background! I have even heard people say that it is wrong that you are making a movie to tell your life and being so "real" about it!
I would like to say THANK YOU! I belive more people out there today need to be real about there life! You are stepping out there and sharing with the world things that maybe do not make you so proud anymore. For someone as in the world light as you are...that is a big step! I think you should be commended for that!

Me, well, I am still not sure about how I feel with the movie having allot of "real" stuff in it...I think maybe a diffrent approuch could have been taken..but then again...I have not seen it yet ( its not out yet) and I cannot be the one to judge!

I shall end this little note by saying Thank You Channing for stepping up and being the bigger person! I hope and pray your example will lead others on to! Your showing us just how human even actors can be!

Joanna Noel

Ok...your turn! Go pick a promnt over at Writers Workshop and link up!

My FIRST Blog Award!

A BIG Thank You to Ann over at Livin and Lovin for giving me my first blog award! If you do not read Ann's blog, you really need to stop over and read it. She is amazing!

Ok, So I am support to list 10 Things that make Me Happy:


2.Anything that Sparkles!

3. Lunch Dates with amazing friends ( get to do that today! )

4. Fairy tail endings!

5. My Lord Jesus Christ and His love for me!

6. Blogger Friends!!!

7. Watching broken hearts heal in the Masters hand ( see it allot with the kids I work with! )

8. ANYTHING Starbucks

9. Reading a good book!

10. My siblings!!!

Ok, now..I was not given a number that I was suppost to tag in Im gonna tag:

- Candice over at Walking in Memphis

- Stephanie over at The Mrs.

- Sierra over at OceanDreams

- Neely over at Neely's Nothings

- Sarah over at indianapoluxe

- Addie over at Blessed Impatience

I truelly do LOVE all these blogs, and look for the blog updates all the time! If you want to meet some amazing blogger friends...check out there blogs!
Enjoy Lovely Ladies!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cameo..and A soon to be GIVEAWAY!

I am just loving that the Cameo is coming back in! I love all the vintage style stuff that is coming out and feel in love with this Cameo neckless at Rue 21 last weekend..and just HAD to have it...I am wearing it today!These next few pictures are of more Cameo stuff that I found at Rue 21 that I love! I will have to get them as I can! Maybe I need to get my friends and family to read this post and hint that I want them for gifts! LOL! :)

Now....on this post title I said A Soon To Be GIVEAWAY! true! I am allmost at 100 post! I am SOOOO excited! Now last time I tryed to do a giveaway it really did not work out..but this time..well..I have 31 fallowers so maybe it will turn out better! And if you like to better check back for it....Cause im gonna give away an AMAZING book! :)


WW- Charity {Holt International}

"I wish' .... I had never-ending funds to donate to a charity and it would be Holt International!"

I first hear about Holt International at Winter Jam 2010. I was blown away! There story on how they got started, the dedication of there staff, all of it, just made me cry!

Orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children around the world need love; they need belonging and security. At Holt International we believe that families meet these needs better than any alternative. Established on a Christian foundation over 50 years ago, Holt International continues to be a world leader in international adoption, domestic adoption and programs that enable children to have families of their own. Through Holt you can bring a child into your life by adopting or by sponsoring the care of a child in our program.

Our Vision: Holt International is dedicated to carrying out God's plan for every child to have a permanent, loving family.

Check out the site for this amazing Charity! They truelly have the Lords hand upon them!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Old Fashion...Letter Writing!

Yes, I still love doing hand written letters! There is just something thrilling about putting pen to paper! I love looking for cool stationary! I love finding that " just right" pen. And most of all..I love seing mail in my mailbox!

It is very diffrent to see letters now a days! We have become such a "tecky" world that you see an email if your lucky, facebook message or even a wall post. We dont even get much of that anymore..Its just a txt!
Dont get me wrong, I have a facebook, and I txt ALLOT! But that old fashion letter writing...well...that I still love!

So if your in need of a good hand written letter..shoot me an email..and ill be glad to send you one!


Monday, April 12, 2010

A Weekend To Praise The Lord For Little Things!

This weekend was my weekend to thank the Lord for the little things!
Yesterday I went to see Ballet Magnificat! It was amazing! We saw Deliver Us! It was so powerfull! I sat in my chair amazed at how music and dancing could speak to my heart so much! That was a little thing I praised the Lord for!
We had a 2 hour drive back in the bus, and as we were pull in on campus one of the students in the bus yelled " Fire!" We looked out the left side window and saw flames coming out of one of are staff familys upstairs windows! Starting to melt the siding and heading for the tree's in the front yard! I allmost called 911, somone else beat me to it! I jumped in my car and flew over to one of the boys dorms and busted into there front room...Josh and Steve were sitting there and looked up at me " guys, I need a fire extinguisher, I need it NOW and im NOT kidding!" The only other time I have seen those boys move that fast is when they play football! My car has never gone from 0 to 45 so fast in its life!
Are Vol.Fire Department is right next to my house and they got there SO fast! They got the fire out ( only was in the 2 boys room and got some in the parents room) as they were still in the house checking this out the fire started back up twice! They finally threw some cloths out of the boys room with live embers on them and hosed them down.
Are community is very close and EVERYONE was up there..helping move stuff out of the lower part of the house so there would be no smoke damage, handing out water..or as some of us did including me..stood there for moral support!
The fire was out and I got back to my house about 11pm. We are praising the Lord for the small things! The hole house did not go..none of the kids were home when it happened ( there parents are gone of a cruise for the 20th wedding Anniv.) and they had just built a new home up the road and it just got done! Thank you Jesus for an amazing Vol. Fire Department that works so hard for us!
A BIG cheer out for the AMAZING French Camp Vol. Fire Department! You guys put so much time into that, you get there so fast, and you work your guts out! And you dont get payed a cent for doing it! THANK YOU for being there for us!

I am so excited when I can thank Jesus for the little things in often we dont..and this weekend...I needed to be doing that! THANK YOU LORD!!!


Friday, April 9, 2010

New Friends..Movies I WANNA see!

Ok...So once again its time for New Friend Friday! So...Welcome new friends! Dosnt matter if you just stopping in to read or becoming a new fallower..I am tickled pink that you stoped by! :)

You will find that I am VERY RANDOM! far all my bloggy friends have loved hope you do too! :) :)

So there have been allot of movies that have come out that I really want to see...they are all listed below!
Tell me what you think of one or all of them! Give me your info on them! I wanna hear from you on this post! And dont worry about being the opposite of every one else..I want both possitive and negiative comments!


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