Thursday, April 8, 2010

Writer Workshop - Fear

Writer Workshop....and I choose the prompt:

{Where does that fear come from? Write about something that frightens you that other people might find ridiculous. Write about it in a poem, a story, or whatever.}

I have found that I have allot of fear in my life! Take from the start, I was REALLY afraid to get my drivers licsence! It scared me to love to drive.....
So you ask what my fear you go!
I fear bad storms. Yes I live in the south, but I HATE the storms! Thunderstorms, Tornado's you name it! I HATE THEM! I cannot sleep at night when there in and I feel whooped in the morning! I toss and turn allot. Thank goodness for Facebook on my Blackberry Pearl :)
I am always afraid that a storm is going to do damage to me or people I love. For some reason I think that if I stay up I can be ready for it. I even get myself so worked up that I hear things that are really not there!
In other terms...I also fear storms in my life! The hard times that come up! The times that threaten everything I have worked for!
Those storms make me feel like I am out of controll..when in reality, I dont need to be in controll.

Now, y'all go over and pick a promt!


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