Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Update!

Dont now how much you all have heard on the news but Saterday we had a Tornado here in French Camp! It hit 3 miles down the road from my house! We were all in the hallway and it was the scaryest thing ever! You could see the sky go from light to allmost black green!
Were it hit it took out TONS of houses! I dont have pictures up on my computer yet but I found this video:

All this has made me think allot! How much I should live today as if I dont have tommorrow. Those homes that are gone,,,those people that are gone,,they could have been or even should have been me! The tornado was coming down right on top of us...and last min the wind changed just enough to move it over before it touched down! That was the hand of the Lord, I know that! You want to argue with me about it go ahead, But I know that God was watching over me and it was not my time to go!
I went out and help the Vol.Fire Department after we were given the all clear! I worked a road block for 4 hrs! Never had so many people cuss me about before in my life! One guy got out of his car up in my face he was so made at me! People were wanting to get down to there family that had gotten hit but we were not allowed to let anyone down there! One guy allmost ran one of the other Vol. Over...we called the police on the walkie and they snaged him alittle ways down the road!

On a happy note: I have a new blog desgin! Let me now how you like it!!



Bree said...

Glad you all are okay! I wondered if I'd see any posts about these tornado. I haven't experienced those pesky things, just hurricanes. Hats off to you also for helping! I love seeing communities pull together.

Amy Silver said...

OMG how scary and I cannot believe how ungrateful people can be! There are more people out there that are VERY appreciative for what you do than not, keep that in mind :) I am glad you are okay!

Laura said...

I got your email and please don't worry about just mailing the book! You obviously are dealing with a lot! I hope everything gets back to normal soon! And it's so good that you're okay!

OceanDreams said...

Glad you are okay, tornadoes are scary! We recently had one in CA, I know, hard to believe and it was quite scary. It really does make you cherish life and trust in God even more. Stay safe girl!

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