Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WW- Charity {Holt International}

"I wish' .... I had never-ending funds to donate to a charity and it would be Holt International!"

I first hear about Holt International at Winter Jam 2010. I was blown away! There story on how they got started, the dedication of there staff, all of it, just made me cry!

Orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children around the world need love; they need belonging and security. At Holt International we believe that families meet these needs better than any alternative. Established on a Christian foundation over 50 years ago, Holt International continues to be a world leader in international adoption, domestic adoption and programs that enable children to have families of their own. Through Holt you can bring a child into your life by adopting or by sponsoring the care of a child in our program.

Our Vision: Holt International is dedicated to carrying out God's plan for every child to have a permanent, loving family.

Check out the site for this amazing Charity! They truelly have the Lords hand upon them!



Candice said...

AMAZING choice! I have never heard of it!!

Sam said...

Ooh, I've heard of this one -- what a great choice, there are so many children who need our help!

Hope you'll please check out my charity: water campaign beginning April 27th!

Samantha Levang said...

This sounds like a fantastic charity! I'll have to check them out since my husband and I are considering adoption somewhere down the road.

Thank you for sharing!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

This is amazing!!! I have heard of Holt International, and we all know I am up for giving Christian homes to kiddos, obviously it's similar to mine too :)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

As you read in my post, I am totally in for this too!! It makes such a difference for the kids!

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