Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cameo..and A soon to be GIVEAWAY!

I am just loving that the Cameo is coming back in! I love all the vintage style stuff that is coming out and feel in love with this Cameo neckless at Rue 21 last weekend..and just HAD to have it...I am wearing it today!These next few pictures are of more Cameo stuff that I found at Rue 21 that I love! I will have to get them as I can! Maybe I need to get my friends and family to read this post and hint that I want them for gifts! LOL! :)

Now....on this post title I said A Soon To Be GIVEAWAY! true! I am allmost at 100 post! I am SOOOO excited! Now last time I tryed to do a giveaway it really did not work out..but this time..well..I have 31 fallowers so maybe it will turn out better! And if you like to better check back for it....Cause im gonna give away an AMAZING book! :)



Laura said...

That jewelry is so cute!

Ann said...

I tagged you for a little blog award! :)

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