Thursday, April 15, 2010

Writers Workshop - Star Letter!

So, there could be two reasons why I am doing Writers Workshop today!
One could be, Im allmost to 100 post and I really am excited about my giveaway, or two, I really am excited about the promt i am gonna do! I think its a little bit of both! the promnt I choose this week is:

2.) Write a letter to a reality star of your choice.

Now..I warn you..I am not sure the "real" who were suppost to pick... and the person I have picked im sure is all wrong..but...I have the letter all my my head, and its been a topic that has been nagging at may be all wrong....but maybe its ok! :) You be the judge!

My letter is to.....Channing Tatum!

Dear Mr.Tatum:

Greetings from a small little town in Mississippi...yes..we do watch movies and hear the news way out here in the boonies :)
I have allways been a big fan of the movies you play in! I think your acting is one of a kind! I have allways been a fan of Step Up and She's The Man! I have yet to go see Dear John but thats on my "To Do List"!

There has been so much uproar out there about your new movie you are doing...of your life! I have heard so many people talk how they suddenly dont like you anymore because of you life background! I have even heard people say that it is wrong that you are making a movie to tell your life and being so "real" about it!
I would like to say THANK YOU! I belive more people out there today need to be real about there life! You are stepping out there and sharing with the world things that maybe do not make you so proud anymore. For someone as in the world light as you are...that is a big step! I think you should be commended for that!

Me, well, I am still not sure about how I feel with the movie having allot of "real" stuff in it...I think maybe a diffrent approuch could have been taken..but then again...I have not seen it yet ( its not out yet) and I cannot be the one to judge!

I shall end this little note by saying Thank You Channing for stepping up and being the bigger person! I hope and pray your example will lead others on to! Your showing us just how human even actors can be!

Joanna Noel

Ok...your turn! Go pick a promnt over at Writers Workshop and link up!


pegbur7 said...

OK. I know who he is, but, I don't know any of this story. I'm gonna have to google that I'm sure! Seems a little young, naive and UN-famous to be doing a life story though. I guess that;s the reason for the letter? DUH!

You were much nicer in your letter. I'm probably gonna have Spencer Pratt sue me for mine... he's such a dipwad!

Christie@MommyDrinksBecauseYouCry said...

Isn't honesty always the best policy?
Stopping by from Mama Kat's

Laura said...

I don't know much about Channing Tatum either. Sounds like an interesting story though. I think I would write a star letter to Taye Diggs. To tell him how handsome he is. Haha, so deep!

Lara said...

following from new friend friday! i hope you'll stop by some time!!

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