Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Old Fashion...Letter Writing!

Yes, I still love doing hand written letters! There is just something thrilling about putting pen to paper! I love looking for cool stationary! I love finding that " just right" pen. And most of all..I love seing mail in my mailbox!

It is very diffrent to see letters now a days! We have become such a "tecky" world that you see an email if your lucky, facebook message or even a wall post. We dont even get much of that anymore..Its just a txt!
Dont get me wrong, I have a facebook, and I txt ALLOT! But that old fashion letter writing...well...that I still love!

So if your in need of a good hand written letter..shoot me an email..and ill be glad to send you one!



Sarah Ann said...

I love them!! I want to get one soon!

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