Friday, April 9, 2010

New Friends..Movies I WANNA see!

Ok...So once again its time for New Friend Friday! So...Welcome new friends! Dosnt matter if you just stopping in to read or becoming a new fallower..I am tickled pink that you stoped by! :)

You will find that I am VERY RANDOM! far all my bloggy friends have loved hope you do too! :) :)

So there have been allot of movies that have come out that I really want to see...they are all listed below!
Tell me what you think of one or all of them! Give me your info on them! I wanna hear from you on this post! And dont worry about being the opposite of every one else..I want both possitive and negiative comments!



Amy Silver said...

The only one I have seen is Dear John. It stays a LOT closer to the book than I thought it would (which is good) and it was SOOO awesome! I love this movie!! I am hoping last song is good too!

Juliana said...

Joanna, I would LOVE to see those movies as well. I make it to the movies about 1-2 times every 1-2 years. BUT, I LOVE them and we own a lot of them. If you see any of them, let me know how they were.

OceanDreams said...

Ohh I have seen pretty much all of these movies except for Remember Me. I definitely recommend The Last Song and Dear John, both are great!

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