Thursday, April 29, 2010

Writers Workshop...Celebrity Experience!

Mama's Losin' It

And the prompt I choose this week is:

Write about an experience you have had with a celebrity.

So this story was back in..lets 2004! I was 15 and on my way back home ( PA at that point in time) from a hair cutting course in Indianapolis , IN!
Myself and my friend Erin were flying out of the main airport there, now, you must understand a few things! bag as overweight and I has taken a few things out and was zipping it back up, Two, the place we had done the course at require the girls to wear skirts, so needless to say, I was sitting in the middle of the airport, straddling my suit case trying to zip it up, in a skirt no less!
As I am doing this my friend Erin screams.."Look! There is Ray Comfort!" Well that was cool in itself cause he is a really cool guy! All of sudden I notice right behind him somone fare more famus then him, and somone who worked the ministry with him. You guess it, Kurt Cameron!
Do keep in mind I am still zipping my suit case in my skirt!
Well..Kurt just happend to look are way right then! I was horrified! So, I just smiled and waved! He gave me this " what in the heck is she doing" look and kinda half waved nicely back! I was about to die!
Well..we got all pulled together and went to go to are turmenal..Erin then relized we were in the same one as Ray and Kurt! She wanted to go find them in talk to them! So we went on the hunt! Well, we could not find them at all! I stopped by a line of chairs and told Erin were not going to find them! Just as I said this I looked to my left and relized they were sitting right beside us! Well Erin saw that and got scared and we left...Sadly I did not really get to actually meet them..but..oh well! It was a funny experience to say the least!

The only other real time I have had was Winter Jam 2010 when I got to meet Michael Tait and Robert Pierre!

ok..Go on over and pick a prompt!!


Juliana said...

very cool! Thank you for sharing!

OceanDreams said...

That's always fun, glad you were able to see them! Running into celebrities is always entertaining I think, you become suddenly very self conscious, or at least I do. ;)
Thanks again for your amazing banner, I just posted it on my blog and gave you a shout out! :) Have a great weekend darling.

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